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An Emotional Gamut Of Passion...The Chase by The Black Rose @theblackrosenyc #ASMSG #RPBP #Suspense

This past week we featured The Chase by The Black Rose. Did you get a chance to see this? Today is the last day that this book will be our featured book, so now the time to stop over and check it out!

"Wonderful... had a hard time putting it down. It is the second in a series, & just as good as the first one..."

Cathy C. on August 30, 2015

"Packed full of suspense, intrigue, passion and romance!"

Rukia the Reader on September 8, 2015

"I loved this book and did not want it to be over."

Will on April 26, 2015

About The Book

The Killing Game Series continues as Special Agent Ives Andrich turns the FBI inside out to investigate the mistreatment of his wife during the Luca case. In the process, he unveils a secret from her past, linking her to a hunted bomber, who is threatening her life while leaving cryptic clues to a twisted conspiracy. Learn More, click here!

About The Author
The Black Rose is an author, photographer, and filmmaker. Born in Chicago, she currently resides in New York with the love her life, her Hokkaido Dog, Kuma. She began writing at the age of seven and dabbled until she woke up one day and simply had to write a novel. She has several 5-Star reviewed novels, both part of individual series.

She categorizes her novels very directly; “My writing is deeply rooted interpersonal relationships: people’s feelings, thoughts, emotions, and the intimacies between two people that truly love each other despite the circumstances surrounding them.” Her genres are suspense, thrillers, crime, romance, and espionage. As she says, “I write about love, honor, and doing the right thing, even when it seems disadvantageous, even when it’s not the popular path to take.” She sees her writing as a gift from God, and appreciates and learns from her stories.

Her writing passion stems from her immense love for art, which began with drawing at age five and moved into oil painting by age eight. Her love and study of photography soon became a professional passion, and she spends hours photographing and laying out her book covers. Readers can visit “PrivĂ© with The Black Rose” showcasing behind-the-scenes insights into her writing, novels, characters, photography, and films. She films and produces her book trailers and, in the future, plans to make short films. 

For more information on The Black Rose and The Black Rose NYC brand, visit these links:
 The Black Rose’s Website:
 The Killing Game Landing Page:
 The Black Rose’s Amazon Author Page:
 Twitter: @theblackrosenyc
Get to know The Black Rose with our in depth exclusive interview, click here!

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The True Story Of #JackTheRipper as told by author Randy Williams in Sherlock Holmes And The Autumn Of Terror ~ #RPBP #TrueCrime RT @CRCAWC

Did you get a chance to see the Featured Book Of The Week at Rukia Publishing? 
This past week we honored Sherlock Holmes And The Autumn Of Terror by author Randy Williams!

With 56 ~ 5 Star Reviews On Amazon US alone!

It's elementary Watson!

Here's two of the most recent reviews:

"A great book from beginning to end!! It solves the mystery as to "who was Jack the Ripper!!!"

~ Roz S. on February 16, 2017

"Great read for those who love the cunning deduction abilities of Baker street's consulting detective violinist. A pleasant blend of Fictional and Non-Fictional history."
~ darrius on February 6, 2017

See for yourself what others have had to say, click here!

This book is available in Kindle, Hardcover & Paperback 
and soon to be Audio!

From the Author, Randy Williams:
"The writing of Sherlock Holmes and the Autumn of Terror has been one of the greatest experiences of my life, and may well be its crowning achievement. During the thirty-four months it took me to write it, I met some lifelong idols and heroes, found much more evidence against the person I have suspected of being Jack the Ripper since 2012 and learned so much more about Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the actual Ripper case, England and its history, religion, criminology, forensic science, classical music, opera, magic, superstition and occultism, architecture, Scotland Yard, Socialism/Anarchism and much, much more. I hope to have brought to the reader some new information on those subjects as well as to have provided some entertainment along the way."  

About The Book
Everyone knows the name of Sherlock Holmes -- the fictional detective created by Arthur Conan Doyle with his superhuman powers of observation and unbeatable methodology for solving crimes. But could his 1800’s philosophy really work in the modern world to solve genuine crimes?

That’s the very question that a real-life US-based private detective asked himself before embarking on the adventure of a lifetime by stepping into Holmes’ shoes and using his mindset to solve real crimes. So effective was this method that he decided to turn his attention to the greatest set of crimes known in history -- the brutal murders perpetrated by the criminal who came to be known as Jack the Ripper.

The author, along with a team of three of the world’s top forensic scientists and criminologists, Dr. Michael M. Baden, Dr. Cyril H. Wecht and Dr. Henry C. Lee, have convincingly solved the infamous Jack the Ripper murders of 1888 London – arguably the world’s most talked-about unsolved murder mystery. But their true-life resolution of the case is presented here in the form of a Sherlock Holmes novel, painstakingly penned faithfully in the style of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. In it, the author – who actually used Holmes’ methods to uncover the killers’ identity – explains exactly how the crimes were committed and by whom, all in the form of a fast-paced thriller featuring the world’s most beloved detective along with Dr. Watson, from whose point-of-view most of the tale is told. Once the reader has finally been clued in on the final solution, the murders are then revisited from the killers’ perspective.

The story opens in the year 2017 with the sealed box of Holmes’ most controversial cases being opened by Watson’s great grandson Jacob, and among those cases is that of London’s Ripper murders that took place in what was then and has forever after been known as the “Autumn of Terror.” Jacob is shocked to learn the true story, as well as the reasons Holmes deemed the case’s explosive resolution too shocking and incendiary to have been revealed to the public in Victorian England and so to be sealed “entombed in a tin box” for 125 years, as were a number of other cases that are mentioned in some of Doyle’s Holmes stories. Along the way, the actual facts of the case and the evidence that led Randy and his team to the real killer will be revealed to the reader through Holmes’ investigative methods.

Featured In Ripperologist Magazine

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Sherlock Holmes And The Autumn Of Terror by author Randy Williams. This theory and the book signing got some publicity in the Wayne Independent News in PA!
Have you checked out the book yet? 
If you like Sherlock Holmes, and want to know the real story of
 "Jack The Ripper". 
Choose your favorite online store and format!

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Lies, betrayal and maybe... Limited Time #99cent #preorder! RT @MenageReviewer #RPBP

Limited Time #99cent #preorder

Join the dark side with ***ALL NEW*** stories from some of your favorite NY Times, USA Today, and Award Winning, Bestselling authors.

Step into the shadows with witches, werewolves, shifters, vampires, and soul mates: the sizzling hot alphas you love.
Are you fated to find your fantasy lover in these seductive, steamy pages bursting with danger and desire? Claim your book boyfriend now!

Amazon Smart URL:

#limitedtime #pgboxedset #paranormal #romance #urbanfantasty #allnew #exclusive #boxedset #dragons #werewolves #shifters #alphamales #vampires #fae #witches #demons

Featuring Arcane: A Curse Workers Novella by Erzabet Bishop

Lies, betrayal and maybe a battery-operated boyfriend
She’s done with men. But someone needs to tell her wolf.
When Laurel’s Alpha female is found murdered and her Alpha turns up missing, the Briarwood Pack is turned upside down. An unwanted blast from Laurel’s romantic past puts her to the test as the fine line between love and hate is redefined. If she can keep herself alive. Love can be murder…unless it saves your life.

Nerdy, hunky boys with a knack for the dead need love too…
With his roommate back from the dead and his future as Montelier College of Witchcraft and Arcane Sciences new necromancer on staff on hold after his mentor’s murder, James Merryweather finds himself looking for answers in the one place he never thought to find them. And when a chance encounter leads him to his heart’s desire, will he have the strength to claim the woman he loves before she’s ripped from his arms forever?


“Something the matter?”
“Headache. Sorry.”
“You didn’t meet me for coffee. I was afraid you’d changed your mind.” His eyes locked with hers and they stopped moving. Her breath locked in her chest and all she could do was stare at his full and supremely kissable lips.
“I’m sorry. Pack business.”
And something had passed between them in the garden at the school. Something that made her want to explore this attraction, even if it was just to get it out of her system.
They’d made it to the edge of the labyrinth in less time than she thought with no sign of the others. Her wolf rolled beneath her skin, desire for him pooling in her lady bits. The urge for some full on revenge sex to show him what he’d been missing out on sizzled through her, but as he reached out to touch her cheek, she found herself leaning forward.
Her wolf cheered.
“Oh.” He brushed a stray strand of hair from the side of her face. “I thought I’d never see you again. Not that I didn’t deserve that after what I did to you.”
“No,” she blurted out, heat creeping up her cheeks. “I really wanted to see you.” And she had. Memories of their first and only chaste kiss as a teenager had grown into a bittersweet remembrance and she wondered what his lips tasted like now.
She nibbled on her lip, aware of her own body tightening in response to his heated gaze. Her wolf circled beneath her skin, as anxious to test their connection as she was.
“It is?”
Why couldn’t she form a coherent thought other than the dirty ones infiltrating her mind? Her wolf wanted him to throw her to the ground, tear off her jeans and mount him. Right here. Right now. She glanced down to find the hard ridge of his arousal evident against his jeans and she swallowed, her fingers itching to work the zipper and feel him against her palm.
What the hell was wrong with her?
“Mmm hmm.” He leaned forward and brushed his lips against hers. “It is.”
His lips were soft and full and she wanted more. The piney scent of him reminded her of the surrounding woods and for a moment, she let the wolf inside her run free and lifted her face to his as he captured her lips again.

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#RPBP #FBTW The Bow Of Destiny by @ph_solomon #Fantasy #Sword & Sorcery #giveaway

Enjoy Epic Sword & Sorcery Fantasy for just 99 cents!

About The Book
Haunted by his past. Hunted in the present. Uncertain what is real.Athson has seen things that aren't there and suffered fits since being tragically orphaned as a child at the hands of trolls and Corgren the wizard. When a strange will mentioning a mysterious bow comes into his possession, he's not sure it's real. But the trolls that soon pursue him are all too real and dangerous. And what's worse, these raiders serve Corgren and his master, the hidden dragon, Magdronu, who are responsible for the destruction of his childhood home. Athson is drawn into a quest for the concealed Bow of Hart by the mystic Withling, Hastra, but he isn't always sure what's real and who his enemies are. With Corgren and Magdronu involved, Athson must face not only frequent danger but his grasp on reality and the reasons behind his tragic past.

Enjoy an epic sword & sorcery novel where myths & legends change the course of a young ranger's life and propel him on a quest into both his past and his destiny.

Read A Sample!

Add It To Your Cart & Join The Hunt For The Bow of Destiny!

“Solomon creates a rich and descriptive world for readers to immerse themselves in…, unique, complex and riveting all at the same time” from Charity Tober – 5 Star Rating

“P.H. Solomon writes with energy and emotion so you are easily caught up in not only Athson’s quest, but the reasons that have brought all the characters together. Well done! I truly enjoyed reading the story and can’t wait for more.” 
from Melinda Hills – 5 Star Rating"
Mister Solomon has moved the ruler by which we believe indie fantasy novels should be judged. He has shown us that it is possible to write a story as great as any published by the big publishing houses" - Fantasia Reviews 5 Stars

​ What readers say: "Unique, complex and riveting.."

" can almost see the trail, and fear the Trolls." Discover a story of epic fantasy!

Who Is P.H. Solomon?
P. H. Solomon writes fantasy where the elements may sound familiar but the story doesn't follow well-trod paths. The first book of his debut series, The Bow of Destiny, is currently available. He has two speculative fiction anthologies upcoming. The next two books in the series, An Arrow Against the Wind and The White Arrow, due out in September of 2016 and late 2016 or early 2017 (tentatively).

Connect with his social media circle:

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#RPBP Featured Author of The Week Susan Joyce @SusanJourneys #WLM #99cent #memoirs

A Visit With Rukia Publishing Featured Author Of The Week
Award Winning Author Susan Joyce

Author, editor and publisher Susan Joyce
Born in Los Angeles California, Susan Joyce spent most of her childhood in Tucson, Arizona and returned to LA as a young working woman. Inspired as a child by postcards from her globe-trotting great aunt, Susan left the United States at age 20 to see the world.

She planned on being gone for a year, but ended up living her 20s and 30s in Europe and the Middle East. As a Jill of all trades, she worked as a secretary, freelance writer, taught computer classes, wrote songs, and became an accomplished artist while writing her first children's book, "Peel, the Extraordinary Elephant."

An award winning author and editor of children's books, Susan's first adult book in her memoir series, "The Lullaby Illusion--A Journey of Awakening" is a travelogue of the politics of Europe, the United States, and Israel during a twelve year 'roller-coaster' period of her life and an adventure of survival through friends and sheer determination.

The Lullaby Illusion was awarded
• Readers' Favorite 5-Stars and the 2014 GOLD Medal Winner, Non-Fiction--Travel in the 2014 Readers' Favorite International Book Awards.
• Honorable Mention Prize Winner--2014 Stargazer Literary Prizes

Her second memoir "Good Morning Diego Garcia" published in February 2016 is about transitting the Indian Ocean in monsoon season.

Visit the author at the following links
Twitter handle: @SusanJourneys
Facebook page(s): 
Google plus

Right now, when you sign up to Susan's blog she will send you free, The Lullaby Illusion in eBook format! So, visit her blog at the address above, subscribe to receive her blog by email and she will send you a free book! It's that easy!

If you aren't too keen on receiving any new email services right now, you still have a great opportunity! Why, you ask? Because right now you can get not only The Lulaby Illusion at a steal, but also, Good Morning Diego Garcia!
That's right, BOTH Memoirs are on sale for just 99c/99p! 
 Not sure what these books are about?
Watch these videos below!


​The Lullaby Illusion is available in digital or paperback format
The harrowing personal journey of a young American woman facing seemingly insurmountable situations while living in the Middle East and Europe. After many miscarriages and the loss of a child in childbirth on the island of Cyprus, Susan seeks solace in creating art and recording her vivid dreams. 

From Cyprus's bloody coup and war in 1974, a rescue from a sinking ship in the Indian Ocean, learning of her husband's secret life, and surviving his deadly assault in Belgium, she discovers her ticking clock is not the child she fails to produce, but rather her creative potential. Following her dreams and intuition, she successfully reinvents herself as artist and writer.


You’re young, living comfortably in southern California. You’re financially secure, though you don’t know why or how. Your husband simply ignores you when you ask too many questions.
He’s hoping for another job overseas, doing something. You’re not sure what, but you suspect it’s not what he says.
You marriage is shaky. You survived a war in Cyprus together, and lost everything. Now you’re basically biding time.
A letter arrives from friends you knew in Cyprus. They’re sailing a new yacht from Taiwan to Europe for a Swedish millionaire. You’re invited to join them in Sri Lanka, as crew. Neither of you knows boats, but you’ll learn — it will be the trip of a lifetime, cruising the Indian Ocean in a pleasure yacht!
And, it turns out, in monsoon season. With no charts. And an emotionally unstable crew mate. What could possibly go wrong?

SPOILER: everything.

Where can you buy Susan's books for 99c/99p?

At most online book stores, of course!

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"A sensual romance about a love that transcends time..." #NewRelease #romance #RPBP #Giveaway

I Will Follow: To Eternity And Beyond 
is a heady and sensual romance about a love that transcends time and place.
written by Ju Ephraime

Catherine is living a dream life, rescued from an orphanage and married to her best friend. Life couldn’t get any better, and she is the envy of everyone in the little town where she lives. But it turns into a nightmare the day she is given the news that will change her life forever… Her fairy tale life becomes a living hell on earth. 

For two years she exists, barely acknowledging one day from the next. Suddenly, without any warning, a stranger walks into her life, and everything is about to change. Is Catherine ready for the change, or is she still only living to die?

Titus is only visiting the home of his brother-in-law’s distant cousin. He isn’t looking for a relationship; neither is he searching for love. Yet, they both find him, with no advanced warning. Titus is not one to succumb without a fight, and boy does he fight, but it seems the harder he fights, the more the force pushing him into Catherine’s waiting arms fights back.

You can find this book at your favorite online store, just follow this link:

"Ju Ephraime's historical romance, I Will Follow: To Eternity And Beyond, is a heady and sensual romance about a love that transcends time and place. Catherine and Cameron are marvelous characters. She's the guiding star that he's inescapably drawn to, and he's the knight in shining armor who snatches her from the clutches of an unscrupulous nun who means her nothing but harm. This novel is set in the pre-WWI years, and the author does a beautiful job of setting the scene, especially in the care she takes with the descriptions of the landed gentility and the growing in roads the automobile makes into the British countryside. While there are a number of scenes involving love-making and sensuality, they are well-written and appropriate for an adult audience. The paranormal aspect of this novel is also enticing and adds a touch of mystery to the plot. I Will Follow: To Eternity And Beyond is most highly recommended."Jack Magnus - Readers' Favorite 

Enjoy A Sample from Chapter 21
     Catherine continued on her way to her greenhouse, grateful she’d not run into Titus. She liked to think of him as Titus, not Lord Braithwaite, which somehow seemed too formal. He made her feel things. Things she hadn’t felt in years, and she resented him for it. She wanted him gone from Chatterwoods and her life back to being the way it was before the dinner party.

     She spent a very satisfying morning taking care of her plants and working on a new scent she was trying to create. It was almost there, but something was missing. She had to go through the oils she had in her small apothecary to see if there was anything there she could use to enhance the scent.

     Exhausted from the events of the previous night and everything that had taken place, including Titus entering her room, Catherine left the greenhouse and proceeded to go to her room. A long soak in her tub was what she needed. Catherine found it both a pleasure and a torture to soak in the tub. It reminded her so much of Cameron. He used to love to bathe her or use the bath water after her. She missed all these things about him. Everything about life excited him, and he had infected her with that excitement. It was like a contagion. Now that he was gone, she missed that excitement. 

     It was almost time for supper, so she got dressed, left her room, and was making her way to Suzan’s room to check up on her when she came face to face with Lord Braithwaite, walking out of Cameron’s room. Two things hit her at the same time. She could have sworn she saw Cameron walking out of his room. Rubbing her eyes, she looked again, but it was only Titus Braithwaite. He didn’t look like Cameron, except in their well-developed musculature, so how could she have mistaken the two? But all this aside, why was Lord Braithwaite still at Chatterwoods?
Ju Ephraime writes steamy high heat romances, packed with emotions and strong alpha characters and always a wonderful, happy ever after. She has won several awards for her writing, and had even seconded in Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest, with her White Magic Woman. When not writing romance novels, Ju could be found writing children’s books, which includes her, Too-Clever series, a collection of ten children stories. Ju writes her children's stories under, Dr. Julia E. Antoine. These days she stays busy helping in the community and donating her services to a not-for-profit organization, which she helped establish. Presently, she resides in CT where she has lived with her family for the past thirty years. She still misses her time on the sunny Caribbean islands, but takes pleasure in using them as backdrops to some of her stories.

See what else author Ju Ephraime has to offer; follow her on social media & go to her website by clicking the links below! You can also see her on Goodreads!
Website (Where you can sign up for e-mail updates and other goodies.)
What others are saying about Ju's books:

"...steamy, provocative and fresh..." ~Midwest Book review

"a new level of heat!" ~Readers’ Favorite
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