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The reviews aren't drying up! #Reader #Reviews are in for #Parched. #ClimateControl #dystopian #RPBP

The reviews aren't drying up! #Reader #Reviews are in for #Parched. #ClimateControl #dystopian #RPBP

See the Reviews For The New Release "Parched" by Andrew C. Branham!
The readers are raving about this newest book from Mr. Branham!

Release Date 4.14.16
Preview The Book and See For Yourself!!

5.0 out of 5 stars Don't miss out on this one!
By Mick E on April 19, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Branham is a skilled writer. His biographical "Anything for Amelia" book was a gripping TRUE story that had my heart breaking halfway through the book.
Now with PARCHED, he has me feverishly flipping to the next page as this story unfolds. Great twists, turns, and surprises as this family grows, changes and perseveres through their journey. This is a smooth, insightful read you shouldn't pass over!
5.0 out of 5 stars I really love everything about this book!
By Hope on April 16, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Great new book by new author Andrew Branham. This book was a great and fast read. I loved the fact that it dealt with the deep emotions of the characters living in a terrible world. The book will keep you at the edge of your seat. Couldn't put it down. Great setting, great visuals, lovely character development. You won't be disappointed in this book. I like the vivid description of scenes. I am eagerly waiting for his other production. I recommend this thought provoking series.
5.0 out of 5 stars Gripping storyline
By Stokebait on April 14, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
If you are looking for a book you can't put down this is it! It's a gripping story of a family trying to survive in a dangerous world not too unbelievable for us to put ourselves in their shoes. It makes you think about how far you would go to protect yourself and the ones you love. I love how the author takes you through each phase of the families trials as if you are right there with them. You will cheer for them as they make little triumps and cry for them as they face their challenges head on. Cheers for the mother whose character finds an inner strength she didn't believe she had. Highly recommend this book as its story line appeals to everyone.
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New Book Trailer for #Devotion, #Obsession & #Deception by author Jaytila M. Watkins #RPBP #Teen #Thriller

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Visit with 5 horses, 2 people and 1 tent~Enjoy an #excerpt from A Standard Journey by author Jacky Parry @NandJJourneys #travel with #pets #animals #horses #RPBP

I would like to introduce you to a beautiful story. Some of you may have already had the pleasure of discovering 
"A Standard Journey" 
by author Jackie Parry 
but for those of you who haven't, here it is. 
Even if you have experienced this, maybe it's been a while since you visited with 
5 horses, 2 people and 1 tent! 
Available in eBook & Paperback Format
About The Book
They rescued five horses from an unknown fate.

They sold everything they had.

With daring inspiration, Jackie and Noel trained the lost and confused horses, and forced their own unfit bodies to meld into one team.

Life became horses, trail, endurance, and camping: all seven reliant on one another as they trekked along part of Australia’s majestic Bicentennial National Trail.

What started as a dream adventure turned out to be more than they had ever imagined. The beauty of the trail didn’t lessen its dangers; with minimal support and all their worldly possessions on horseback, Jackie and Noel made mistakes and with humour learned the hard way.

They were amateur horse-handlers, tackling an epic challenge, but they created something special, unique, and incredibly endearing.

Fears were faced, healed, and conquered. Bonds were forged.

But did the team of seven that started together, finish together?

Saddle up and take a ride along life’s natural trail of trauma, fear, pain, and loyalty.

The Standardbred is a horse breed best known for its ability in harness racing at a trot or pace.

Jackie will be donating 50% of all proceeds from this book to help rescue more horses.

Read What People Are Saying About This Book
‘A story that will resonate with any animal lover, any adventurer, and anyone who enjoys reading about ordinary people achieving truly extraordinary things.’ 

‘A hauntingly beautiful book.’

‘A story that shows how two people continue to discover new strengths in each other through the most dire circumstances.’

‘The humour and humbleness makes this such an enjoyable read.’

‘She conveys her story with searing honesty.’

‘This will stick with readers for a long time.’

How About an excerpt from "A Standard Journey"?
We Won’t Even Have A Sink! 
Galloping down the mountain to find a gun to shoot one of our horses, I realised that I had bitten off more than I could chew.

My borrowed horse sensed my fear as we plunged down the trail. My mind focused on the gun, a necessity to terminate excruciating pain. There was a broken horse on the ridge. He had released a knowing groan as his fetlock snapped.

Plunge, jump, ford – I squeezed my aching legs around my brave mount. We both expelled urgent breaths from our flared nostrils. I had to find a gun!

Sweat and tears mingled, running clean streaks along my grubby face, my eyes stinging. My heart banged in my chest, while the horse’s heart thrummed beneath my calf muscles. Time slowed as if we hurtled through syrup.

I cursed Noel - it was his idea. Not to shoot the horse, but living with horses twenty-four seven while trekking along the Bicentennial National Trail (BNT). We had rescued five lost beasts that could have been destined for dog meat. Over many months of struggle, we had transformed the seven of us into a team.

Who Is Jackie Parry?
Currently Jackie is exploring the French canals on a Dutch barge with her Australian husband.

Originally she was from the UK, Jackie is now an adopted

Australian. She grew up with horses in the UK until her world was shattered with a heart-breaking bereavement. Disillusioned with life she ran away to Australia and met and married Noel. They decided to buy a boat and set sail. So within her first year living in a foreign land, she was getting used to a foreign husband, and a foreign life on board!

Mariah II took Jackie & Noel around the world. Pyewacket II (purchased in San Francisco) took them across the Pacific Ocean for a second time on a more southerly route. Adventures include The Great Loop in the USA plus Canada's Great Lakes and the French Canals.

As a commercial skipper Jackie has worked internationally, and has been a Marine Rescue skipper. She has also taught commercial maritime. She co-wrote a pilot book (in America) and several hundred magazine articles worldwide. Cruisers' AA (accumulated acumen) was Jackie (and Noel's) first self-published book.

Jackie Parry is also a blogger, and she's a natural!
You won't be disappointed by what you find on either of these blogs. You may even get a chuckle or two!
Check out her blogs and follow her here:
At &

You can also find her on social media channels! 
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by author Jackie Parry!
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