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Want An Explosive Story? Check This Book Out #Free! This Weekend Only! #ASMSG #RPBP

The Darziods' Stone by author Richard Smith
When the school summer trip to Blackpool gets cancelled, Harry's parents offer to include Harry's friends in their trip to Tredock Cove in Cornwall. Amelia, Mitch and Asad are grateful - Cornwall will be great and, even if it isn't as great as Blackpool, anything is better than being stuck at home, right? Ryan is less convinced. He's not the most open-minded of boys and he sincerely believes that Cornwall is full of carrot-crunchers. But he goes along anyway, even if it is reluctantly. Even Ryan doesn't want to be left at home by himself.
And it doesn't take long for the quiet break in Cornwall to turn into something much more exciting - and frightening. The kids find a secret code and become convinced that cracking it will lead them to hidden treasure. And it might well do, but the code will also lead them to something much more dangerous...
... because as readers of The Darziods' Stone will already know, thanks to a prologue dating back to 1798, Tredock Cove was once the scene of something very sinister indeed. A ship returning from the Napoleonic wars once stopped off there. Its captain and boatswain were murdered and the rest of the crew disappeared, never to be found. The world never knew this but an experiment conducted by a band of prisoner alchemists, led by the evil de Richlieu, was to blame.
As our heroes search for treasure, they find themselves pitted against these ancient forces. And they will need some extraterrestrial help if they ever hope to defeat them.

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Born from the Salem Witch Trials comes Witch Awakening by Kira Morris. Unique Twist! #ASMSG #RPBP #NewRelease

"A refreshingly unique twist born from the horrors of the Salem Witch Trials!"
~Margaret Daly
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Elizabeth watched as her sisters were hung during the Salem Witch Trials. Not only did she lose her sisters, but the man that had promised to love and cherish her put the rope around their necks. Jaded and angry, she cast a spell that would allow her sisters to be reincarnated. The catch is that she would have to put herself in a sleep state until their return. After two hundred years, they finally have a do over, but can she learn to love and trust again after the ultimate betrayal. 

Edward is trapped in a world of deceit and treachery. Yes, his dad and uncle are politicians, and he is expected to follow the family lineage. Pulled between pleasing his dad and making himself happy, but how do you escape a narcissistic, abusive father even after he is dead. 

Fate has brought these two together, but will they overcome their issues in time to save each other?

Find out in The Sister Witches Series Book 1​ by Kira Morris
Witch Awakening: Fate is Inevitable

Who is the author Kira Morris?
Kira has never lived in one spot long enough to call home, but you could say that Louisiana and Texas have seen a lot of her. In school she was too shy to make friends, so books and TV were her companions. Becoming the protagonist in a book has allowed her to step out of her social complications and become someone else for a while. She hopes her characters do the same for her readers. 

Books with paranormal and mythological characters interest her the most because there isn’t a limit on what the characters can do. Kind of like the romantic version of a superhero. Another element you will find in her books is a love connection. The one thing humans cannot live without is Love, more important than food, shelter, or water. None of those things are necessary without the first. 

Thank you for purchasing my books. I am humbled and grateful by all your support.

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