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The Last Airship from Khartoum: 
A Thomas Devareaux Alternative History Military Adventure 
(The Thomas Sumter Devareaux Series Book 2) 
5 Star review!
This is an entertaining read with well formed characterisation and excellent story-telling. This is the first book by this author that I have read and I look forward to reading more. The plot is well executed and I think the phrase of alternative history suits it very well.
Old Enemies are closing in. Richmond sends them away.
Will Devareaux find disaster or glory over the skies of Khartoum?

Devareaux's command is being hunted. He must battle traitors at home before being sent on a goodwill mission to secure favor with their ally Great Britain. Now promoted and in command of a squadron of airships, Devareaux and his men must fight against not only hordes of enemies but the perceptions of his allies as well. Drawn across the sweeping drama of the fall of Khartoum to the forces of the Mahdi, Devareaux must try to convince General Gordon that his position is untenable and help the man escape before they miss the Last Airship out of Khartoum.

The Last Airship from Khartoum begins with old enemies attempting to settle a score with Thomas Devareaux and his former crew. From Virginia to South Carolina to Cairo and Sudan, Devareaux and his company fight for their lives. Just when they believe that they have the upper hand, the President of the Confederacy, James L Kemper, sends Devareaux halfway across the globe to support the British in their fight against the Mahdi's siege of Khartoum. He and his men are not only caught in the crossfire of political ambitions, they are enemy targets. Will Devareaux find disaster or glory in the skies above Africa? The Last Airship from Khartoum is a work of alternative history. The action takes place in the air, over sea, and on land as these heroes battle to defend their country. It is the second book in the Thomas Devareaux series by author Chris Stoesen. 
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CSS Appomattox: 
A Thomas Devareaux Alternative History Military Adventure 
(The Thomas Sumter Devareaux Series Book 1)

The Series 
This is the first book in the Thomas Devareaux series. This Alternate History novel employs elements of Steampunk without taking historical technology developments too far outside of their historical progression.
This book is 81,000 words long and approximately 232 pages (paperback).

The CSS Appomattox is a work of alternative history fiction, concentrating on the adventures of the naval airship commander Thomas Devareaux and his crew. The action takes place in the air, over sea, and land as our heroes battle in defense of their country.

Background of the Novel
In October 1862, the Confederacy is recognized by both France and Great Britain. Lincoln opens peace negotiations that effectively ended the American Civil War. Decades later, the young Confederacy forges an alliance with Spain – a fading empire desperately clinging to its remaining Caribbean colonies.

The Confederate Military assigns the young crew of the airship CSS Appomattox to assist their country’s new ally. The Appomattox is dispatched with a token Naval force to defend Puerto Rico. Here they will stand against the coming threat of an expansionist German Empire and its ally, the United States.

The crew of the Appomattox not only has to fight against the German military, but forces from within their own navy as well. During their exploits, Devareaux and his crew are recruited by the Signals Bureau (the Confederate Secret Service) to battle their enemies overtly as well as covertly. They encounter enemy agents who seek to do in the young nation through their efforts with espionage.

The action takes place in the skies above the Caribbean and on land as Devareaux leads his landing party of marines to support the guerrillas fighting in the hills of occupied eastern Puerto Rico.

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Love, Christmas 
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1. We Need a Little Christmas – Leanne Banks - Can a handsome cynic become a Christmas believer?

2. Frosty the Snowman – Mimi Barbour - Love sparks when a blizzard entraps strangers.

3. Last Christmas – Joan Reeves – Annabelle gave him her heart, but Rick threw it away – now he wants redemption – but she has another R-word in mind: Revenge

4. Holly Jolly Christmas – Mona Risk - In love at 18, but not ready for life and a Baby

5. Do You Hear What I Hear? – Patricia Rosemoor - Shelley and Jake are in a cold war over Christmas!

6. White Christmas – Rebecca York – Was she in a coma, or was she in a Christmas fantasy?

7. So this is Christmas – Denise Devine - Old friends find new love at Christmas.

8. Grown-Up Christmas List – Donna Fasano - All she wants for Christmas is to feel safe…

9. Blue Christmas (by the Sea) – Traci Hall - Christmas brings the unexpected gift of love.

10. Santa Baby – Taylor Lee - Christmas on the run is anything but Merry!

11. Let it Snow – Stephanie Queen - She left, now he longs for her--is it too late?

12. Merry, Did You Know? – Jennifer St. Giles - Can the miracle of love change their future?

13. O Christmas Tree – Alicia Street - Can her love make him let go of his painful past?

14. Sleigh Ride – Katy Walters - The baron has evil designs on her, not the Earl.

15. Deck the Hearts – Rachelle Ayala - Elf versus Grinch. Whose heart wins?

16. Silver Bells – Jacquie Biggar - Will a Christmas wish bring a family together?

17. Hark the Harold Angel Falls – Michele Hauf - To earn a halo she must get him to stop loving her

18. Drummer Boy – Dani Haviland - 18th century drummer boy to the rescue!

19. I’ll Be Home For Christmas – Nancy Radke - Escape, survival, love.

20. Santa Claus is Coming to Town – Cynthia Cooke - Wanted--Elf for Santa, Christmas magic required

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