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A Harem Boy's Saga “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” #MM #LGBT Romance #Memoir #Sensitive Content #RPBP

A Harem Boy's Saga: a memoir by Young
autobiography/memoir series

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Synopsis: A Harem Boy Saga; A Memoir. 

This provocative story is about a young man who was initiated into a clandestine sexual society. He was spirited to the Middle East, from his UK boarding school. He attended the Bahriji School (Oasis,) in The United Arab Emirates in preparation for serving in Harems for the wealthy and elite.

It is also a love story between the young man and his ‘Valet’ who served as his chaperone and mentor during the boy’s Harem service.
Author’s note:
I had a privileged and unique upbringing in Malaysia, where I was known as a "sissy boy." Following in my brothers' footsteps, I was sent to an exclusive boarding school in England. It is there that I was inducted into a clandestine organization, E.R.O.S. The Enlightened Royal Oracle Society. For four years, unbeknownst to my family, I was willingly and happily part of a Harem.

My story has been kept under wraps for close to 45 years. The correct moment has arrived for me to make known my unique education.

Unbridled(Book 2) is the sequel to Initiation - A provocative story about a young man who was initiated into a clandestine sexual society. He was spirited to the Middle East, from his UK boarding school. He attended the Bahriji School (Oasis,) in The United Arab Emirates in preparation for serving in Harems for the wealthy and elite.

It is also a love story between the young man, his ‘Big Brother’ and his ‘Valet’ who served as his chaperones and mentors during the boy’s Harem services.

This book follows the teenagers’ erotic and exotic adventures and experiences at their 2nd Arab Household Harem, the Sekham. They were apprentices and models, for the household patriarch’s controversial photography project, “Sacred Sex in Sacred Places”.

The author's experiences present facts that are truthful. Through these truths, which are often demonized by contemporary societies that deem such behaviors inappropriate, the author hopes to dispel condemnations and negativity which relate to his experiences.

There are 7 volumes in A Harem Boy’s Saga series.

Debauchery(Book 3) is the triquel to A Harem Boy’s Saga, a provocative story about a young man who was initiated into a clandestine sexual society through his UK boarding school. From there, he was spirited to the Middle East to attend the Bahriji (Oasis) School in The United Arab Emirates in preparation for Harem services for the wealthy elite.

It is also a love story between the young man, his ‘Big Brother,’ and his ‘Valet,’ who served as his chaperones and mentors.

This book follows the teenagers’ erotic and exotic adventures and experiences at their third Arabian Household Harem, the Quwah. There, they became confidants to a prince, assistants in an international dance club venture, “Carousel,” and apprentices and models in a controversial photography project, “Sacred Sex in Sacred Places.”

This story is an account of the author’s experiences. Through these truths, often demonized by contemporary societies that deem such behaviors inappropriate, the author hopes to dispel condemnation and negativity related to sexuality, love, and personal freedom.

A Harem Boy’s Saga is a series of seven volumes.

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Bernard Foong (a.k.a. Young) 

Emerantia Antonia Parnall-Gilbert: Gilbert Literary Agency)

Read An Excerpt From
 Chapter Eleven of Book 1 Initiation

Catch a Falling Star 

Methodist Boys' School
I shot up like Jack and The Bean Stalk while I was at the Mehodist Boy’s School; I was mostly stalk. Both my parents were tall by Malayan standards. I was already five foot ten and still growing.

My voice was changing and so was everything else. I was becoming a young man. I hated the Methodist Boys' School I attended because I was constantly teased and harassed for behaving like a sissy boy. Being bullied relentlessly by the older boys was a misery, my own “Nightmare on Elms Street.” I prayed for the day when I would be ready to leave for England.

I loved my mother, aunties and cousins, but I longed to see the wider world. Each day, I looked skyward like a frog waiting to jump out of the small pond (Kuala Lumpur) to catch a panoramic view of the large ocean (London, England.) I knew it would happen soon. Foong Senior was a great believer in sending his sons abroad for further education and I was next in line.

To me, my days at Methodist Boys' School were a phase that I had to endure for a short period. Thank God classes were only half-day affairs. Every morning before classes began, a half hour student assembly was held in front of the school's main building out in the football field. All students stood at attention while Malaya's national anthem played over loud speakers. The Head Master would stand at the podium providing the usual boring school agendas and current affairs. The boys would be fidgeting, or up to their mischievous behaviors.

The Gang of Four
There was a gang of four boys in the same class as I who constantly bullied me, making silly remarks and calling me girlie names whenever they got the chance. I was a timid and shy boy, certainly not one to retaliate or tell them to go f**K themselves! I was, in every sense of the word, a nice, polite well-behaved boy.

One day, KiWi, the most handsome one in the group, threw a tiny pebble on my back during assembly. When I turned around to check on the culprit, he started making silly girly faces at me. Ignoring him and his stupid innuendos, I tried to think of a quick escape route to the classroom right after assembly. I was too scared to think of the consequences if he cornered me.

Too bad - I wasn't fast enough. He caught up and started insulting me. He was extremely obnoxious, threatening me that he and his gang of rascals would get me during our fifteen minutes mid-morning break. I hated him and his gang of four!

True to his word, when the recess bell rang and all the students filed out of the classrooms, he and his gang cornered me. I ran as fast as my legs could carry, trying to make my great escape. I thought I would lock myself in one of the toilet stalls until the bell rang for class to resume. Unfortunately, I didn't run fast enough, and fell while they were chasing after me.

I was caught outside the school hall. One of the bullies who had pushed me down locked the door and threatened to pull my pants off to check if I was a girl or a boy. They teased relentlessly, saying that if I were a boy I would get an erection if they played with my butt.

I hated these guys and desperately tried to escape their hurtful hands. Managing to pull free after a lengthy struggle, I ran towards the door but I couldn’t unlock it quickly enough. One of them threw me on the floor again, tackling me over behind, while the other three tore at my pants.

I was like a frightened rabbit trapped in the paws of the 'Hounds of Baskervilles,' doing my best to save my life. As much as I secretly fancied KiWi, I definitely didn't care for his friends. Those malicious bullies were zooming in for the kill. Desperately trying to get free of their grip, I kicked and screamed and shouted for help. No one came to my rescue.

KiWi had me in a Judo lock, almost choking me, when the school bell rang to resume classes. Saved by the bell, the bullies reluctantly released me, warning that they would get me soon enough. They ran off to their respective classes, giving me malicious snares.

I was doing my best to recover from this dreadful attack. From the corner of my eye, I noticed KiWi was still there. Was he making sure I was OK, I wondered, or was he there to be perform another abusive prank? I felt like he was afraid I might have choked to death or that something else too terrifying to comprehend had happened. I was desperately adjusting my clothes, doing my best to brush the dirt from my soiled white uniform. I was sure Mother would give me a good scolding when I got home.

KiWi stood by the door and didn't leave. My heart was thumping wildly, wondering if KiWi was going to abuse me further, or possibly rape me. There was only one entrance and exit out of the hall, so there was no escape route. I had no choice but to face up to this guy, which was extremely terrifying for a gentle boy like me.

When I reached the door, thinking I would have to push my way through, KiWi leaned over, pulled me to him and kissed me full on the mouth! I was completely taken by surprise! I didn't know how to react. I was stunned when he did it again! He did not wait for my reaction. He fled down the hall, disappearing from sight.

I stood there speechless, wondering if a meteorite had hit me. Honestly, I wouldn't have known what to do if he had stayed. This was the last thing I imagined would happen between me and this handsome swimmer who was every adolescent schoolgirl's heartthrob.

I slid to the bottom of the door in complete and total shock until I heard the bell ring, announcing the next class would start in a few minutes. I got up and ran to class as fast as I could, not knowing which lesson I was supposed to attend.

As much as I enjoyed KiWi's kisses, I was at a loss! A few moments before, he had been a hateful bullying tyrant trying to molest and possibly rape me. The next moment, he was kissing me on my mouth! What was happening to my world? It was going topsy-turvy.

For the remainder of the day, I couldn't get his kisses off my mind. I could not figure out what to make of this guy. It seemed completely contradictory, like a surreal dream.

Bakar drove up the school entrance to collect me. As I was getting into the car, a hand suddenly reached for me. Turning round, to see who it was, I froze. KiWi was standing by the car door. He whispered, "Meet me outside the main gate of your house at 5:00 p.m. this evening.” He quickly released his grip, and fled. I became more puzzled by the minute.

When I arrived home, mother saw my soiled clothes and asked what had happened. I made an excuse, “I tripped and fell on the ground and dirtied my clothes,” I said. I didn't dare mention the truth to anyone, lest one of the bullies was hiding in a corner listening to my conversation, about the assault by the Gang of Four. I certainly wasn’t going to mention KiWi's mouth-to-mouth kisses!

The rest of the afternoon I paced restlessly and felt helpless, in my room. I couldn't concentrate on my homework. I watched the clock tick away. I didn't know what to expect when 5:00 p.m. arrived. Was the Gang of four waiting at the main gate to assault me? It was too unfathomable for my young mind to comprehend!

Earlier in the year, Father had bought a bicycle for me to ride around the neighborhood. Being older, my parents were less paranoid about kidnapping possibilities than some. On the pretext of riding my bike to the neighborhood shop to purchase ice cream, I rode to the iron gate. Sure enough, waiting on his bike was the boy who earlier in the day had tried to molest and maybe rape me. KiWi did not utter a word as we rode our bikes in silence.

Behind my house was a vast tropical rainforest, covered with thick carpets of under growth, surrounded by tall monkey-pod trees and huge shady banyan trees. Kiwi led me into the forest. We arrived at a small clearing.

We left our bicycles hidden behind some tall leafy bushes and walked into the forest, undetected. Without saying a word, KiWi leaned me against a huge tree trunk, and began French kissing me. My heart was thumping hard and fast. I could hear its boom boom sounds echoing in the silence. I shut my eyes, surrendering myself to KiWi. He was a good kisser. I was sexually aroused; my mind was racing a mile a minute. It was a fantasy, come true!

As much as I had fantasized about Philip, Eric and other cute boys, I had never believed my fantasies would play out. Although many times I had uncontrollable erections thinking of those boys, sexually, I had no idea what to do in real life.

In the past I waited for my manhood to subside, and continued with my life. Now for the first time in my young life, I was confronted with an opportunity to actualize my dreams.

KiWi did most of the work, as he was older. He was my sexual teacher but he was not very experienced in the art of lovemaking. Our stay in the woods didn't last long. The entire process was over in less time than I imagined.

We dressed without speaking. He biked home and I went on my confused way. My head was reeling from the experience. More confused than before, I realized that I liked what happened in the woods, yet I didn't know what the hell I was supposed to do.

All my sexual urges were present and highly activated. So were his. He ejaculated. I didn't. I enjoyed being intimate with a boy but I did not have an orgasm. I didn't know what an orgasm felt like.

The following day in school was a complete turn around. KiWi’s gang no longer harassed me. I never knew what he told them or what he didn't tell them. I only knew that the harassment suddenly and mysteriously ceased. When we met in the school corridors, canteen or classroom, KiWi and the gang were cordial, and they left me alone.

Those days, our class teachers would pair up the boys to work together on various school projects. KiWi voluntarily came over to partner with me, which in our 'pre-sex' days would never have happened. We put on a facade of being regular friends, in school. But out of school, it was a different story; we became f**k buddies.

He, of course, never let on to his gang that we met after school, and were intimate. We did continue to meet daily at the exact same time in the exact spot in the woods, and did similar things each time. There were times I was invited to his home, since he lived half a mile from my house. During our rendezvous we seldom exchanged more than a few words. We did what we set out to do. When done, we dressed and went our separate ways, much like the Last Tango in Paris.

KiWi came from a wealthy family. His elder brother was in a British medical school studying to be a physician. His father was an accomplished local entrepreneur and attorney. The times I visited KiWi's home, on the pretext of working in partnership on our prescribed school projects, we would lock ourselves in his air-conditioned library and be at it again, again and again, until we were spent, while his mother napped in her bedchamber. She was unaware of what was going on behind the library doors.

There was usually no one else in KiWi's house in the late afternoons. His father was at work, and his chauffeur was busy in the garage working on their Mercedes and Bentleys.

Within a month after our initial forest rendezvous, I became a fixture in his house and at the Royal Selangor Club; KiWi's father was an honorary member. KiWi had the privilege of using the club's Olympic size pool for his swimming practice. I would go with him, like his 'boyfriend,' encouraging him on.

Mother knew I had a friend with whom I collaborated on projects. She was curious to meet him. When I told her KiWi's parents’ names, she knew who they were. They moved in the same social circles. Kuala Lumpur was not a metropolis, back then. Mum wasn't worried that I was spending time with KiWi because she knew his family's background and she assumed I would be safe in their son's company.

One day when K.L. was out playing mahjong and Father was not home, (Tai Yee and Lai Ngor were busy with their sewing projects in their sewing rooms and the maids and servants were fussing in the kitchen,) I invited KiWi to our ohana.

Father had converted part of our large garage into an air- conditioned guest room. Most of the time, the ohana was vacant. It had air-conditioning; noises from within were undetectable when the air was switched on.

I locked the ohana's door and Kiwi and I proceeded into our sexual zone. One day, half naked, with our pants on the floor, our lovemaking was interrupted. There was an urgent banging on the bedroom door, and it shocked us back to our senses. We didn't have sufficient time to dress and so I wrapped a sarong round my waist and went to check out the commotion. Who should be standing on the other side of the door but a furious S. S., shouting and barking like a dog with his head cut off!

He took a look inside the room, and commanded us to get dressed immediately. He screamed at KiWi to leave the house right that minute. We were caught red-handed in the heat of our boy love session! To this day, I have no idea how father got wind of my secret rendezvous at the ohana.

All hell broke loose! I would never hear the end of it! Father carried on for weeks about how disgusted he was with the way I behaved! I was sick and tired of old man Foong so I prayed diligently that I would be banished to a British school ASAP!

Of course, I was forbidden to see KiWi after the ohana drama. Father threatened to inform KiWi's parents of our sexual misconduct but I doubt he ever did. After all, he couldn't admit his third son was gay. It would have been difficult to tell his peers this scandalous secret. It would jeopardize his standing in the local community. The Chinese are fond of not losing face!

With all the fuss and drama going on, KiWi and I still met secretly in the forest. By then, Tai Yee, Lai Ngor, and, of course, Mother knew about my sexual escapades with KiWi.

I have a feeling Mother knew of my sexual liaison before father so rudely interrupted us. Mummy never said anything negative about my relationship with KiWi, because she loved and accepted me just the way I was, unlike Father. He was narrow-minded and could not come to terms with what he feared most -- his own sexuality being threatened. Since Father's outburst, I hated him more than ever. When he was home, I would lock myself in my fairytale bedroom, refusing to come out for dinner until he left the house for the evening. Mother, being the kind, gentle woman she was, brought food to my room and urged me to be more understanding of my father. I would not. I wanted nothing to do with this man!

Shortly after this dramatic episode, KiWi told me one day he was leaving to attend boarding school in Belfast, Ireland. It was a sad day for me because I knew, in my heart, that our affair was coming to an end. After school that day, I locked myself in my room and cried. I was infatuated and 'in love' with the beautiful swimmer boy! I saw KiWi a couple more times. We made passionate love; by then, I sort of knew what I was doing.

KiWi had taught me a few tricks along the way, before he departed. After he left, I was devastated and fell into a miserable state. I didn't feel like eating and I wept constantly, thinking of our times together.

Mother, Tai Yee and Lai Ngor comforted me, reminding me it was puppy love, and that all first time lovers go through this. Soon, they counseled, I would learn to live without him. But I did not get over this sexy handsome young man for a long time. We continued our relationship for another year before it faded, becoming just a memory.

The following summer, KiWi came home for his summer break, for a month and a half. My parents had no idea KiWi was in town. I had been corresponding with him throughout the year.

We picked up where we left off. I was happy as a lark to see my boyfriend again but the winds of time had slowly changed the course of our lives. I was no longer passionately 'in love' with KiWi. I had moved forward with my life while he was away. I didn't tell anyone that I was seeing KiWi that summer. It was none of their business and I preferred to keep it that way.

I was the happiest boy, when Foong Senior told me I had been enrolled in school in the UK. I was overjoyed by the news. Within six months, I would be a free man doing all the fabulous things I want to do! No Father Foong to tell me what I could or could not pursue.

The few months before leaving Kuala Lumpur, I promised myself I would not return to that 'small pond' if I could help it. I would, rather, soar high like a condor, with winds beneath my gigantic wings, pushing me forward to achieve great and marvelous goals, only to glance below when I happened to fly pass Kuala Lumpur! I would circle long enough to send kisses to those I loved, below.

In my own way, I'm glad I caught a falling star when I did, and that I put it in my pocket. Memories of KiWi never waned nor faded, and I will cherish him in my heart, forever. Past experiences are what make us who we are, today. What I learned with Kiwi contributed to the oceans of love I have to shower upon those who are willing to open their arms to The Gift of Love!

Author’s Bio
Young alias Bernard Foong is, first and foremost, a sensitivist. He finds nuance in everything. To experience the world he inhabits is an adventure which is mystical, childlike and refreshing. He has a rare ability to create beauty in a unique fashion. His palettes have been material, paint, words and human experiences.

By Christine Maynard (screenwriter and novelist).

Bernard Foong (designer) – A brief history

Born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. At the age of 8, he was assisting his aunt and cousin, learning the art of sewing and fabrics/colors matching. He attended an exclusive private boarding school in the United Kingdom before obtaining his Diploma in Fashion Design at the Harrow College of Art & Technology in London, England. He went on to complete his Master of Design at the Royal College of Art & Design, London, England. During his college years he won several international fashion awards and was already retailing bridal and evening dresses to several well known department stores in England. Liberty of London, Selfridges, Harrods and Harvey Nichols to name a few that carried his designs. His Royal College of Art graduation wedding/evening wear collection was sold to Liberty of London and displayed in their store windows for the entire month of June that year.

For four years, he worked for Liberty’s bridal department as their in-house designer until a trip to Hong Kong, while working on a freelance project for ‘Bird’s’(casual wear) company, he was recruited by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University as their Fashion professor for the next 6 years. During his stay in Hong Kong, he freelanced for numerous fashion companies. From designing casual wear, swimwear, lingerie, and fur garments, men’s wear, bridal and evening fashions to accessories (bags, shoes, and head-wear). He also participated and organized numerous fashion shows, events, functions, and presentations in the Asia Pacific region.

Working for Keys Far East Hong Kong as chief lingerie designer - travelling extensively to the United States, he was soon recruited as an Associate Fashion Design/Illustration Professor to the University of Wisconsin, Madison and also lectured at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design for a couple of years.

Foong was then appointed as the Fashion Development Manager by an established department store – Parkson Grand (22 stores in Malaysia and one in Shanghai, China). Producing under the label, Natural Life by Bernard Foong, he designed casual-wear collections for the Parkson Grand’s flagship store in Kuala Lumpur. After a couple of years later, he was invited by the Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore to join their design school to establish a Fashion Design department. For two years, he assisted several founding members of the design school - working on the fashion department’s teaching curriculum.

The Fitzgerald Theatre Department, University of Hawaii, Manoa, Oahu, Hawaii awarded a full scholarship for Foong to complete his second Master of Art in Theatre Costuming. Now a resident on the Island of Maui, he has assisted many charity organizations in their fund raising events with his extravagant fashion and performance shows/presentations. In 2005, he and his partner, Mr. Walter Jay Bissett opened Fire Dragon Bistro Orient & Design Shop. He also designs costumes/fashions for numerous theatrical productions in Hawaii and abroad.

Appointed as chief lingerie designer for Cerie International Limited – Hong Kong, his lingerie designs can be found in major department stores in Canada and the United Kingdom.

He showcased the BERNARD FOONG R-T-W collections and BERNARD FOONG @ Modern Classic Ltd. (an established – Hong Kong bridal & evening wear company) collections in Hong Kong. His 2008 & 2009 bridal/evening/bridal lingerie fashion show, “Grace” & “Coming Up Roses” were premiered at Hong Kong Fashion Week in July 2007 and January 2008 respectively at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center, garnering positive interest in many Asian press reviews, including a China nationwide television broadcast of his latest collection. Aika (International Opera Singer) wore several Bernard Foong special occasion dresses at her Japan & European tour in September & October 2009.

Foong was the chief Creative Director for Official (Special Occasion fashion manufacturing company) Guangzhou, China producing – BERNARD FOONG Couture (specialty one-of-a-kind creations), White (RTW - Wedding/Special Occasion wear), Foxy Cute (Smart Casual/Cocktail wear), SexZ (decorative bustier) & Diva Bitch (sexual lingerie inner/outer-wear) collections.

Besides working on his regular haute couture, R-T-W and lingerie collections he is a visiting consultant/advisor for:
Pivot Point fashion college, Chengdu, China.
Hong Kong Design Institute (fashion department), Hong Kong, SAR.
Hong Kong Poly/U, Hong Kong (School of Apparel Design & Merchandising), SAR.
Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association, Hong Kong.
Singapore Temasek Polytechnic – School of Apparel Design & Merchandising (ADM), Singapore.

Bernard is also writing his autobiography, a seven book series of Mr. Foong’s young life:

A Harem Boy’s Saga: A Memoir by Young.
This provocative story spanning 4 decades and 3 continents is about a boy who was sent to a very exclusive English boarding school in the 1960s where he was initiated into a clandestine sexual society and then spirited away to serve in wealthy and elite Middle Eastern harems ."

A Harem Boy’s Saga series is published by Solstice Publishing and is available in print and E-books internationally.

Follow Bernard Foong and watch his video trailers for each book:
Twitter @aharemboysaga
Pinterest: (contains adult contents)
Tumblr: (contents adult contents)
Amazon Author's Page:

Video trailer for all the 3 books in A Harem Boy's Saga series (conservative version):
Video trailer for INITIATION (sensual version):
Video trailer for UNBRIDLED (sensual version):
Video trailer for DEBAUCHERY (sensual version):

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