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Thriller Tuesday From Rukia Publishing & 
​The Queen of New Orleans Mystery Thrillers, Judith Lucci!

About The Book
A young woman disappears after a job interview at a well-known dentist’s office in Richmond,
Virginia and retired homicide detective Michaela McPherson, along with her close friend, the aging Countess Dorothy Borghase, and Richmond police join forces to solve the crime. This case pits them against evil and greed armed with tentacles that span continents and generations.
Episode One of Four
Meet Michaela McPherson
Richmond Police Department
​(Det. Retired)
Owner: Biddy McPherson’s Irish Pub
I saw across from the forty something, dark-headed retired homicide detective and the first thing that impressed me about her was the lively twinkle in her brilliant green eyes and then the enormous dog who sat at rapt attention by her side. She accepted my extended hand and smiled at me. She was lovely. I was gonna like her, I just knew it.

“Ms. McPherson, congratulations on your nomination as Restaurant Woman of the Year by Style Magazine. It’s an honor to meet you. And, who is this,” I asked as I looked into the deep, intelligent caramel-colored eyes of her German Shephard.

“Please call me Mic, and this is Angel, my former partner at the RPD,” she said as she ruffled the fur on the ginormous dog’s neck. “We retired about the same time, a couple of years ago,” she admitted and she continued to scratch Angel’s ears.

I gave her a thoughtful look and said, “Isn’t this the dog that saved your life a while back?” I thought I remembered a story we’d published a few years ago.

“Yeah, he did and I can assure you he’s my partner for life,” she said fondly as she looked into Angel’s eyes. “We do everything together,” she assured me.

I noticed the obvious love between the two as I glanced through my interview questions. “Aren’t you two still solving crimes? Together?”

Mic paused for a second and nodded, her short, dark curls dancing in the sunlight streaming through the window. “Seldom, but we do on occasion. I’ve really tried to retire from police work but sometimes… well, it’s still in my blood, so every now and then I’ll take on a private case, especially if it’s something, or a cause I’ve worked for all my life.

I nodded as I recalled her part in the rescue of Allison Massie, a young Richmond ingénue who’d been abducted about a year ago. She, and her good friend, The Countess Dorothy Borghase, had been instrumental in saving her life. I smiled and said, “You’re a busy lady! Hardly retired, I’d say. You own one of the most favorite night spots in Richmond, not to mention the favorite watering hole for the Richmond police.”

Michaela nodded and grinned, “Trust me, Richmond’s finest have several favorite bars. I’m just lucky they support me… particularly the Irish ones… and lots of the others too.”

I was impressed with the still young woman’s honesty and energy. “How do you do it? Our restaurant critic reports that you create all of the main dishes on the menu, so you’re a chef to boot?”

Mic laughed. “Yeah, I guess but mostly, I just like to cook. It’s a hobby. Most of the Irish classics are from my Dad’s collection of recipes. You know,” she explained, “the first Biddy McPherson’s pub is in Dublin, near the waterfront and it’s a favorite pub of the locals, students, sailors, everyone. My grandfather started it shortly after my mother was born and named it for her. My father took it over and the food we serve downtown in Shockoe Bottom is essentially the same Irish fare the McPherson’s have been serving for over seventy years. I just change a few things now and then,” she added modestly.

I smiled. “I gotta say it’s some of the best food I’ve ever eaten. I love the Cottage Pie and the Bangers and Mash. And of course, I love, love, love the Irish coffee. Best I’ve ever had,” I added longing for a cup as we talked. In truth, I probably loved Irish whiskey a bit too much.

Michaela smiled again. “Please come down and be my guest for dinner… anytime, just let me know when and I’ll try to be there. You can taste-test a few new dishes I’ve been working on,” she said graciously.

“That would be great,” I admitted. “I’ve heard you do ‘taste-testings’ sort of like Vintners test their wine vintages. “But, how do you do it? You know, manage it all? You volunteer at the abused woman’s shelter, run a restaurant and pub, are a private detective, and well, have a pretty active social life. What’s your secret?”

Mic was quiet for a moment as she pondered this question. “Well, I am pretty organized, some would say obsessive but I don’t think so. I have a place in my heart for abused women, I have a wonderful manager and wait staff at Biddy’s and honestly, I only do detective work when it’s something I have experience in or it’s a cause of mine. I still leave lots of time for fun,” and she continued, “I have a wonderful host of friends and hobbies,” she said. “I guess I’m just lucky,” she admitted. “And, I have a lot of energy.”

I was impressed. She had it together. “It sounds to me like you keep pretty busy. What else would you like the folks who read our magazine to know about you?”

​Michaela looked at me directly and said, “I’m always looking for volunteers at the abused and battered women’s shelter and I want people to know and respect working military and police dogs. I’m supporting the legislative initiative in Virginia that advocates the death of a police dog become a capital crime, punishable by death. The military and police working dogs are full partners in the military and police forces.” She paused for a moment and added, “Other than that, I’d just invite everyone to come hang out at Biddy’s…for happy hour and appetizers, or dinner. I’d love to meet them!” she added as she flashed me her million watt smile once again.

“Done, Michaela. It’s great to meet you in person, and I will be down to see you at Biddy’s soon. Let me know if you want anything else in the interview. We have a week or so,” I offered as I stood and offered her my hand.

“Thank you so much for the opportunity,” she said graciously. “I appreciate this so much. And so does my staff at the restaurant appreciate your highlighting them. They work so hard, and honestly, they deserve the glory. Not me!”

What an exceptional woman I thought as I watched through the window as she walked down the street with Angel at her side. She opened the back of her SUV and Angel jumped in. She’s incredible.

Enjoy an excerpt from the book
Michaela strapped Angel in the passenger seat next to her and drove carefully over to Stuart Circle. She wheeled her SUV into a numbered parking spot behind Dr. Dude’s stone and concrete building. The parking lot was cleared of snow and almost empty. She found that weird since it was early afternoon, and she’d assumed the good doctor would be extracting teeth and designing movie star mouths for most of Hollywood and anyone from Richmond who could afford his services. Oops, she’d forgotten he didn’t extract teeth. It was ‘too barbaric,’ or at least that’s what he’d told her a few years ago. He practiced cosmetic or ‘fashion’ dentistry, and was a ‘smile-maker’.”

Mic’s attention was drawn to the side entrance where she spotted a young Hispanic girl, with long beautiful dark hair dressed in a short white faux fur-trimmed jacket hurrying to her car as tears streamed down her face. She wiped away the tears furiously with her hands. She sat in her car, an old Volkswagen Jetta, close to where Mic had parked. Mic watched as she frantically pushed numbers into her cell phone as she wiped tears away with her forearm. It was all Mic could do not to get out of her car, go over, and comfort the young woman. Instead, she grabbed her iPhone and snapped her picture.

At the same time, she spotted Slade McKane in her peripheral vision. He slammed the door of his unmarked police cruiser and stretched his long legs as he walked toward her and opened her door.

“Ready?” he asked. “Let’s go have some fun with the good dentist.” His dark eyes twinkled and smoldered as he looked at her.

Mic put her finger to her lips to shush him and said quietly, “See the young woman over in the Jetta? She just left the office, and she’s obviously very upset. I’m gonna check her out. You go start things with Dr. Dude, and I’ll be along in a few moments. Then we’ll ask the same questions twice.”

Slade gave Mic an admiring look and sly smile, “I always thought you were pretty slick. Good plan.” He headed around to the front of the building.

Michaela let Angel out of the car, grabbed his leash and walked over to the young woman in the Jetta. Mic could hear her talking rapidly in Spanish on her cell. Mic tapped on her window and the lovely young woman just about jumped out of the car. Her face showed terror.

“Sorry, sorry. I’m not going to hurt you,” Mic said loudly through the car window. “And neither is my dog. I saw you crying, and I wondered if there was something I could do... someone I could call for you.”

The young woman smiled through her tears and said, “Oh, thank you, but I think I’m okay. I’m talking to my mother.”

Mic looked at her, and the two women locked eyes. She saw fear flicker in the young woman’s brown eyes “You look scared,” Mic observed. “Here’s my card.” The Jetta window slid down. “I’m a private investigator, and if there’s anything you’re afraid of, call me, and I will help you figure it out …no charge, I promise.” By the way, what’s your name?”

“Danielle.” The young woman replied. She could easily be a movie star and flashed Mic a perfect smile. Her dark hair was piled on her head in a messy bun. Her white teeth gleamed in the sunlight, but her brown eyes glowed with pain.
“I’m a dental tech here at Dr. Smirkowitz’s office, and I made a mistake, and the office supervisor told me to leave,” she admitted in a shaky voice. As the tears rushed into Danielle’s eyes again, Michaela touched her shoulder.

“We all make mistakes. It’ll be better tomorrow, but if you need me I’m available.” Danielle gave her a grateful smile, thanked her, accepted her card and went back to her conversation with her mother.”

Michaela and Angel walked to the door of Dr. Dude’s office when Angel growled ferociously and strained at his lease. “What’s up, boy?” Mic asked as she placed her hand on his head and looked around. She saw a man dressed in scrubs and navy down vest move behind a tree.

A bit later, he walked toward the alley behind Dr. Dude’s office. Angel growled until he was out of sight. “I guess you don’t like him, Angel,” Mic said to her dog. “Let’s move inside where it’s a little warmer,” she added as they moved closer to the door.

Angel turned his head and continued a low, deep growl until he was out of sight. Then he followed his mistress into the office. “Guess you didn’t like him at all, buddy,” Mic opinioned as they entered the office. She scratched his ears and they moved to the reception desk.

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