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Discover the dangerous African Bush #Action & #Adventure Are Abound with 'Amie An African Adventure' by @LucindaEClarke #99cents #RPBP #ASMSG

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This special edition blog features Lucinda E. Clarke with Amie An African Adventure.
What People Are saying About Amie An African Adventure
This is an extremely well-crafted tale. The writing is seamless.~Ian

Lucinda Clarke captures so many of the extremes and educates as well as entertains.~frannett

This book will take you to Africa and touch you like no other~Nanap
Fantastic Reviews For this African Adventure!
About The Book
Why would any newly married girl with her life and career all planned out, want to go and live in Africa?
Amie didn’t but then if your husband’s company insists? Making the best of a bad job, she settles in at last and even begins to enjoy life again. Then things go wrong. A government official takes an interest in her, she’s blackmailed into filming for him, scenes she would rather not see. She adopts a little orphan but then war breaks out and soon she is on the run, from both the army, the rebels and the wild animals she encounters in the bush. Alone and unarmed, with little water and no food she escapes, but she has nowhere to go.
A Short Excerpt
That night, she climbed up into the lowest fork of a large tree that bordered the dry river bed. She was worried the scent of the water she had so thoughtfully excavated might attract the game. As a reward for all her hard work, she treated herself to a whole bottle of water. The brackish fluid tasted better than champagne. Her muscles ached, her stomach rumbled, but sheer exhaustion put her to sleep. Her last thoughts were that in the morning, she would have another good long drink before she set off again.

When Amie opened her eyes as the dawn broke the next day, she was amazed she hadn’t fallen out of the tree. She congratulated herself on her survival skills, until she looked down and saw a lioness by her water hole. Her blood froze, there was wild life out here and she had become so relaxed and sure this area was safe! She found herself holding her breath, as if the very act of her breathing would attract attention. She was not very far off the ground and she thought the lioness would have no problem climbing up after her. She would only have to stand up on her back legs and stretch a little to reach Amie.

For now though, the lioness lay quite contentedly in the river bed, yawning a few times and giving her paws a good lick. She seemed neither aggressive nor hungry, and Amie could only hope she had hunted recently and would not be looking for another meal now.

Amie knew she dared not move until the animal had left and that meant she would lose at least half a day’s travelling south, that’s if I’m not the next meal, she thought sadly. Despite her terror, Amie could not help but admire the sheer beauty of the animal as it lay in the sunshine. The wind blew through the tree rustling the leaves, another danger, was Amie downwind? The light breeze was blowing gently into her face, so she reasoned she must be downwind. It would be a disaster if the lioness could smell her, so she had to hope and pray the wind wouldn’t change direction.
About The Author
Abandoned in the African bush with a 9 week old baby and no resources Lucinda could look back on a childhood of mental abuse, without knowing that before her lay an even more bizarre future.
She would live in eight different countries, run the worst riding school in the world, broadcast live with a bayonet at her throat, be fired from her teaching position and thrown into the media world. She would learn how to lie in the name of propaganda, write about dozens of topics for a variety of clients and have her own newspaper column. She would meet kings and statesmen, international artists and rural Africans. She would win several awards along the way for her scripting and films. Eventually she would reluctantly leave Africa to retire in Spain. A few months later she would begin writing books – six to date in a variety of genres – and start a whole new career.

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