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TITLE – This Way to Forever SERIES (& book #) – n/a AUTHOR – Loren Kleinman GENRE – YA / Contemporary Romance PUBLICATION DATE – August 14, 2016 LENGTH (Pages/# Words) - 48,667 words PUBLISHER – Evatopia Press COVER ARTIST – Evatopia Media

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Sara Brody thought she had met her soulmate in Tad Bolak, a charming exchange student. Their whirlwind romance includes nights staring at the stars, declarations of love, and promises to talk often when Tad must return to his native Poland to complete his Master’s Degree. But Sara’s idealistic view of Tad and plans to be together when he gets his degree come to a shattering halt when he admits to having a fiancee back home.
Heartbroken, she vows to keep her heart safe from men and and focuses on her own studies. Until she meets Ethan.
Sara discovers that no relationship is perfect, especially when one still mourns past loves. Tad never gives up on her. Ethan wants her to give their relationship a chance. And Sara wonders what will become of her sense of self if she gives in to either man.



He leaned in, his mouth inches from mine. Our lips brushed once, and he held my jaw, his thumbs caressing my cheeks. He gazed down at me as though he'd discovered beauty I couldn't fathom anyone could see in my skin, my lips, my pale widow's peak. Soft fingers stroked my neck, slipped into my hair, loosening my ponytail. Unable to glance away, I lost myself in his blue eyes, seducing me like a clear sky on a chill winter's day. We fell into a temporary kiss, losing ourselves--and our balance--as we stumbled to the floor. Laying beside me, he found my hand, his gaze melting my apprehension.

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Loren Kleinman’s poetry has appeared in journals such as Drunken Boat, Nimrod, Wilderness House Literary Review, Paterson Literary Review, Narrative Northeast and Journal of New Jersey Poets. Her interviews appeared in IndieReader, USA Today, and The Huffington Post. She edited Indie Authors Naked, which was an Amazon Top 100 bestseller in Journalism in the UK and USA.
Kleinman is the author of four collections of poetry, and her memoir The Woman with a Million Hearts released 2016 with BlazeVOX Books. She also blogs for The Mix (Hearst), where she publishes personal essays in Good Housekeeping, Seventeen, Cosmopolitan, Redbook, and Woman’s Day.



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My Review of 'This Way To Forever' 
by author 
Loren Kleinman
I would like to share my honest thoughts about this short, steady read.
Firstly, this story portrays pretty much exactly how most young girls act when they develop a crush. Most young ladies don't have a clue what real love is, so telling and professing your love so quickly in the story just like the main character does, is spot on for a true to reality pitch of "crush versus true love".
Although I liked the story, I didn't like the way the main female character seemed weak. I really like a strong female character and Sara Brody is not written as a strong female character. But, having said that, if Sara was strong she wouldn't have acted the way she did and it would have been an entirely different story.
Overall, I really enjoyed this book but I have to give it 4 stars only, I think the characters could have been more developed so we could have identified with them all and not just Sara.


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  2. Thank you for taking the time to review "This Way to Forever". The author and I appreciate your time.