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Is The Exclusive Brethren a religion, a group of followers or a cult(Sect)? Find out with Exclusive Pedigree by Robert Fear @fredsdiary1981 #ASMSG #RPBP #99cents

"Is The Exclusive Brethren a religion, a group of followers or a cult(Sect)?"
When searching for the answer to this question myself, as a self guided religious person, I was lead to a few definitions that made me question even more about The Exclusive Brethren and who or what they are.
Below are three of the hundreds of articles I found when posing the questions, 'What is A Brethren? What is the Exclusive Brethren?' 
  • From Wiki -Brethren is a name adopted by a wide range of mainly Christian religious groups throughout history which do not necessarily share historical roots, including some of the earliest primitive churches, like the Brethren of the Free Spirit
  • Church of Brethren Christians believe all war is sinful and against God's will for humanity, according to the Center on Conscience & War. The denomination states on its website that "war or any participation in war is wrong and incompatible with the spirit, example and teachings of Jesus Christ."Apr 2, 2015
  • The Exclusive Brethren are an Evangelical Protestant Christian church distinct from the Christian or Open Brethren. ... As a result the Exclusive Brethren often gets a bad press and is referred to using phrases like "an exclusive and secret religious sect" or "a secretive church".Aug 11, 2009
If you'd like to see where I pulled this information, please follow the path by clicking the highlighted link text within the bullet list above.

I then thought to myself, "Why are you looking in all of these places when you could get the answer in Robert Fears book, The Exclusive Pedigree?" 
I'm not going to spoil the story by telling you what I found inside this book, but you will enjoy the journey that John, Alastair and Robert will take you on! 
AND you may even find a little more clarity!

John Fear was born into a religious sect known as the Exclusive Brethren. This sheltered him from the outside world as he grew up, but could not hide him from its influences. A struggle began in his mind that led him to leave the Brethren, along with his young family.

This is a story that was always meant to be told. During his later life John Fear had prepared a lot of the book, along with notes for chapters that he knew would not be completed. It is only now, over twenty years later, that the book is finally being published. It contains original content written by John, along with diary notes, letters and magazine articles. The final chapters are written by his second eldest son, Alastair. The memoir is introduced and edited by his eldest son, Robert, as a tribute to his father’s amazing life.

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