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15 Scary Books to Give You the Creeps This Halloween #Horror #books #HalloweenStories

15 Scary Books to Give You the Creeps This Halloween
Halloween is a perfect time for scary stories and tales. Today the bookstores offer a rich variety of creepy books perfect for reading during Halloween. Why reading a book is scarier than watching a movie? You don’t know yet what colorful images your brain is able to generate while reading. Your imagination is the best producer and generator. The best horror books can make your holiday unforgettable. 
Among the variety of Halloween stories, it is hard to make the right decision and find a truly fascinating option. Not every book makes your heart beat faster. Free time is another problem. With a ‘write my paper’ service you will have enough time for enjoying the following stories.

1. Your house is on fire, your children all gone

Germany is a very quiet and safe place. But there is a saying, still water runs deep. In a small village, there are rules established by locals, which have what to hide. These are the creepy stories of five friends who decided to reunite in this small village. It turns out that it lives with its own life and have its own laws. The book is written by Stefan Kiesbye.

2. Haunted by Doran Williams
This is a true ghost story about the experience of the family which has moved to the house which was too creepy to live in. The second name of the family is Williams that is already mysterious. They didn’t understand why no one lives there, but soon they experienced how wrong they were.

3. The Haunted by Robert Curran 

Robert Curran is a priest. The question is what can make the pries write a horror story? This fact thrills without reading a book itself. It is another true story about being observed in a house. Yes, the second one.

4. Grave’s end by Elaine Mercado
Another true story about ghosts in a house. Is it a trend for writing horror books or real facts? In any case, without thinking about the answer to this question, the story is psychologically deep because the family spends 13 years in such surrounding. Find out how it ends.

5. The uninvited by Steen A. LaChance
This story also involves a house. This time the family is trying to get rid of insistent and disturbing visitors. They manage to escape from the imprecation, but the new owner of the house seems to have the same problem. 

6. The secret of Crickley Hall by James Herbert
This book was filmed into BBC short series. The family who has lost their children are trying to start a new life and move from London to a quiet Crickley Hall where they reveal many interesting secrets connected whit World War II. For example, the house they live in was a shelter for children evacuees.

7. The Terror by Dan Simmons
This is a book about a Northwest Passage which can appear more unexpected and severe. Here cannibalism, monsters and terror is everywhere and the group of people can’t stand this in the 1840s.

8. The haunting of hill house by Shirley Jackson

This kind of horror book after which you won’t be able to sleep in darkness. The story was filmed by Robert Wise. This is another relationship between a mystery house with paranormal events and a group of people.

9. The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty
This is a famous horror film which has not only a book on its basis but also real events. A little girl has some serious problems with obsession, and her mother asks a priest to help her. This is not only a horror story but also a deep drama.

10. Get in trouble by Kelly Link
This is a surrealist collection of short stories for those who don't have time to read the whole book. Here rich parents insert chips into their children, men with superpower do exist, and many other scary and fascinating staff are happening.

11. I’m looking through you by Jenifer Finney Boylan
This is a deep philosophical and psychological story about a woman who used to be a man and now is searching for her body. She also would like to get rid of unwanted ghosts in the house she grew up.

12. Come Closer by Sara Gran
There is a demon named Naamah who used to rake the brain, soul, and body of a previously happily married Amanda whose behavior becomes deeply creepy. 

13. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
This bestseller was filmed and had a big success. The movie doesn't describe the full palette of emotions experienced by the main characters. The creepy and confusing scheme of Amy Dunne keeps a reader thrilled till the last page.

14. Pandemonium by Daryl Gregory
This is a book about exorcism. No one knows when how and for how long it can happen. No one is protected from being obsessed by strange creatures.

15. The last and the scariest advice is the biography of a real person named Andrei Chikatilo. What can be creepier than acknowledging that such a creepy killer did exist? A terrifying part is no one ever knew the person was a serial killer. He was a normal human with a normal job and was even investigating his own crimes. 

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