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Guest Author Rozlyn Sparks
Presents The Story
"Billionaire Dominance"
From This Wonderful Book Set!
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Alpha Fever: 22 Sizzling Contemporary and Paranormal Romance Stories
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Alpha Fever
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Alpha Fever
22 Sizzling Contemporary and Paranormal Romance Stories
Alpha Fever is filled with a scintillating, spicy blend of ***BRAND NEW*** contemporary and paranormal romance stories written by 24 NY Times, USA Today, and Amazon best selling Authors wrapped up in one amazing boxed set!

The Authors
Elianne Adams – Erzabet Bishop – Muffy Wilson – Rozlyn Sparks –Jacintha Topaz – Elvira Bathory – Tara Crescent – Crystal Dawn – Tricia Owens – D. F. Krieger – A.C. Nixon – Isis PierceAbi Aiken – Dawn White – Kiki Howell – Gina Kincade – Bethany Shaw – Danielle Gavan – Abby Hayes – Paige Matthews – Tierney O'Malley Jacqueline Sweet – Angelica Dawson – Tanith Davenport
Billionaire Dominance 
Rozlyn Sparks & Abi Aiken
Bad girl billionaire Christina Pocock is used to being on top. A hard-nosed and ruthless CEO. An obsessive, compulsive micro-manager who trusts nobody with her business. Public or private.

Beneath that brittle fa├žade, though, she’s a hot mess. A tsunami of anger, anxiety and sexual addiction, with a trail of broken employees and pretty-boy gigolos stretched out behind her.

Nobody—even Christina herself—knows just how close she is to burning out. Nobody, that is, except her therapist.

Frustrated by Christina’s pig-headed refusal to change her ways, Dr Jardine prescribes a radical new form of treatment. One that pushes all her buttons–good and bad. A remedy that introduces her to a steely-eyed man who seems to read her every desire.

Submission Therapy.
“Congratulations. You’ve just earned your first punishment.”

“Punishment? What am I, a child?”

“As much as you may pine for a happy childhood, Christina, those years are far behind you. It is time to act your age.” His expression—what I could see of it—turned neutral, but his voice remained just as stern. “From here on out you will speak only when I say, and only with respect. Are we clear?”

Apparently this man had no idea what kind of claws I had, nor just how readily I’d bring them out. Then again, he seemed to know a disturbing amount about me already. That childhood dig just before was damn sharp. Clearly Mason had broken privilege, and he would be made to pay dearly for that.

I paused for a moment and tried to find the man’s eyes in the dark slits of his mask. I felt that if I could see them I’d find his weakness. Because there are two things every man has: a penis and a weakness. And they were almost always the same thing.

Though I wouldn’t admit it aloud, it was kind of intriguing to have a man—hell, to have anyone at all—stand up to me. Almost like I was finally on equal footing.

“Are we clear?” he snapped again.

I tried to formulate a witty enough way to tell him to fuck off, because I needed to exert my authority in some small way, but before I opened my mouth his smoky baritone voice butted through my thoughts.

“Let there be no confusion, Christina.” He chopped his hand toward the hallway. “Out there has ceased to matter. This suite may be small, but it is now your world. And it will remain so until I decree otherwise.”

Dominance was novel, but quickly getting a little annoying. “Now listen here, you thug–” I poked at his chest but he seized my hand. In under a second he had me turned around, my face against the wall and my hand bent up into my spine. The heat and hardness of his body pressed against my back. I tried to struggle but he twisted my hand just enough to let me know I was at his mercy.

Pinned like that, I felt utterly weak. Constricted. Like I was prey. His breath coursed over the back of my neck and my hair rose to meet it, and there was a tingle inside me that was all about power. His power. So deliciously different. It felt raw and animalistic as he wielded it, yet he clearly had it under precise control. Maybe there was something to this whole male dominance thing, not that I would really let that thought become public knowledge.

His voice returned, a low buzz straight into my ear. “Who you are, what you do, all you have; these mean nothing. Your doctor felt this was the last resort. You can get with the program.”


“There is no alternative.”

And then he had to say something so final like that, and his arrogant tone felt like a lit cigarette in my brain. The moment he released me I planned to smack that damn mask off his face. My hand still tingled from the last time I’d let it fly. That moment, where my body had gone behind my back, and my hands had listened to something prehistoric inside me.

A memory of Mason’s broken glasses flashed in my head, and I closed my eyes. I saw them as a symbol. A representation of just how far wrong everything could go if I surrendered control for even a second.

But that was exactly what he’d warned me about. On the one hand, I couldn’t have anyone telling me what to do. And if Mason was right, eventually my chest pain would turn into a full-blown heart attack. But on the other hand, how could I relinquish control when no-one else could do anything right? I swore I could feel my empire crumbling while I was trapped there, squeezed between a wall and a hard man. Who seemed intent on crushing the air from my lungs. I needed to get this over with and get back to work.

Ugh. I so hated to be backed into a corner like this. “Fine. I’m here, so we might as well do this. Where do I start? You wanna hear how daddy wanted a son? How I used sex to jumpstart my career? How I’ll do anything to get ahead…”

“None of that matters. You had your chance to talk it out with Dr Jardine.”

“Then what—”

“Silence.” He slipped his free hand up into my hair.

“Oh, yes. I speak only when—”

He fisted his big hand and the back of my head felt like a thousand hot needles.


“You’ve already used your chance.” He turned to the redhead who’d been standing obediently waiting for an order. “We clearly have much to do. Take her things and we’ll begin.”

“Yes, Master,” she replied.

Master? He released me from his grip and the weight of his body. I cast a sidelong glance at her then him. I ran a damn tight ship, but never had I made my subordinates call me master. Though the idea was appealing. If this session gave me nothing else, maybe I could at least learn how to squeeze a little more out of my plebeian staff.

Rozlyn Sparks is a thirty-something lady who's been around the block a time or two. A Sin City native, she believes what happens in Vegas is fantastic inspiration for fiction! She knows the best stories are the ones that need to be shared. Give her a pen, some paper, and a Redbull and Vodka and she'll spin tales that will have you begging for more.

Hello Rozlyn Sparks! Thank you for being here today!

Greetings you naughty little readers. Time to talk books and things.

Let's get started!

How long have you been a writer and how did you come to writing?
I started publishing in 2010 but I have been writing for as long as I can remember. It’s a writer thing. In the blood. Like an addiction you cant escape. You should see when I haven’t had a chance to write in a while. Chills, irritability, it’s all there. I just need my quiet time to let the muse out.

What are the best and the worst aspects of writing?
Writing is a solitary effort so it can be very lonely, but then again you always have your characters to talk to. Finding that balance between being a hermit and giving yourself enough time to write is hard. I have a family. They do like to see me and often times want to spend time with me, and so do my characters.

What inspires you to write?
I take inspiration from life. Writing is in part a study of people and your surroundings. You can pick up on character quirks, see how different personalities interact with each other, and watch real life characters dealing with conflict and emotional issues. You can take what you learn and apply it to your own writing to give more dimension to your work.

What is the title of your story included in Alpha Fever? How did you come up with this story?
I partner with the awesome author Abi Aiken for a sexy little bit of Therapy in the Billionaire Dominance collection.

What are 3 of your favorite lines/quotes from - Billionaire Dominance? 
“Radical therapy. I’ve tried the softly-softly, ‘tell me how that makes you feel’ method. It’s had no effect. Clearly you need a more hands-on approach.” He tapped the edge of the card in my hand. “And what you’ll find in that room will gel perfectly with your current…addictions.”

“If your spirit is the equal of your form...” He ran his fingers across my shoulders and down the gully of my spine. “...then it will be a rare pleasure breaking you, slave.”

Board meetings, AP reports, lay-off lists, budget cuts...they had their place and were by no means trivial. But life at the top sounded good until you realized you're depended upon by tens of thousands of people. In here, in this tiny splinter of time, I hadn’t worried about any of that. It had been a relief beyond measure.

What would your friends say is your best quality?
My friends all know I am honest to a fault. I don’t like to sugar coat things. I may be blunt on occasion but I always speak the truth. Comes in handy sometimes and pisses people off at other times, but friends know they can count on me for the truth.

Are reader reviews important to you?
Absolutely. Word of mouth sells books. Reader reviews are the written version of that precious commodity. That, more than anything else, is the seal of approval from what should be an unbiased opinion.

Do you have any blogs/websites?
I don’t personally, but my publisher’s website is

What do you do when you don’t write?
Spend time with my awesome kiddos. I have three and they keep me super busy. I have an 11 year old, 4 year old, and 2 year old. They are totally awesome, bright little stars in their own right and I am honored to be their mom.

Tell us about your other books?
I love writing vamps and I have a couple more for readers to enjoy.

FANGIRL is probably one of my sweetest tales of love and romance. With a little rock n roll mixed in. Imagine being turned into a vampire right before you got the guy you’d been pining over. For ten years you’ve watched him turn into a mega rock star. And then, fate steps in and puts you back in his line of sight. Only, you’re not allowed to be with him. What does a girl do?

If you could share one thing about yourself that you would like readers to know what would it be?
I’m super shy. Like wallflower to the extreme. I can be totally lively online, but put me face to face and I lose my ability to form words and sentences. I am much more comfortable in the background, people watching and seeing how other more extroverted people act, but I just don’t have that in me. Gives me tons to write about though, as I am a study of all things people.

Wow. Talk about some tough questions. But great ones too. I hope you all have enjoyed this time we’ve spent together. And make sure you go read lots of sexy stories, and post some reviews.

Thank you for stepping up to the hot seat today Rozlyn!!!
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