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Guest Author Tara Crescent
Presents The Story
"His Temporary Wife"
From This Wonderful Book Set!
Released March 19th!!!!

Alpha Fever: 22 Sizzling Contemporary and Paranormal Romance Stories
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Alpha Fever
22 Sizzling Contemporary and Paranormal Romance Stories
Alpha Fever is filled with a scintillating, spicy blend of ***BRAND NEW*** contemporary and paranormal romance stories written by 24 NY Times, USA Today, and Amazon best selling Authors wrapped up in one amazing boxed set!

The Authors
Elianne Adams – Erzabet Bishop – Muffy Wilson – Rozlyn Sparks –Jacintha Topaz – Elvira Bathory – Tara Crescent – Crystal Dawn – Tricia Owens – D. F. Krieger – A.C. Nixon – Isis Pierce – Abi Aiken – Dawn White – Kiki Howell – Gina Kincade – Bethany Shaw – Danielle Gavan – Abby Hayes – Paige Matthews – Tierney O'Malley – Jacqueline Sweet – Angelica Dawson – Tanith Davenport

It was a marriage of convenience. Ryder didn’t expect to fall in love with his temporary wife…
"His Temporary Wife"
Brides for Billionaires
Author Tara Crescent
In order to see his dream building come to life, billionaire architect Ryder Drake needs a wife in a hurry. Zoe Robinson fits the bill perfectly. She needs an urgent infusion of cash to prevent her grandmother’s house from being seized by the city. This is a practical arrangement. Nothing else. When it’s all about the money, anyone can pretend to be in love for six months. Right?
“Are you shingling the roof?” He sounded absolutely astonished as he walked sure-footedly along the edge of the roof till he reached me. He folded himself down next to me, and surveyed my collection of tools with a peculiar expression on his face.

I nodded. “I am. What are you doing here, Mr. Drake? And how did you know where I lived?”

“Google.” He ignored the rest of my question. “Have you shingled a roof before?”

“I have not.” My voice was lofty. “But I’m handy enough, and I watched a YouTube video. Did you come here to critique my every move?” I glared at him, but that turned out to be a mistake. I caught a glimpse of the ground and my skin turned clammy. Oh god, I was going to be sick all over Ryder Drake.

“Are you ill?” There was sudden concern in his voice.

“I’m afraid of heights,” I gritted out through clenched teeth. “Mr. Drake, I’m twenty feet off the ground. Can we chat later?”

“For fuck’s sake,” he snapped at me. “Zoe, stop this nonsense before you hurt yourself. Come on down and I’ll call someone to fix your roof for you.”

“Can’t pay them.” I kept my voice light. “Thank you for the offer, though.”

He ran his fingers through his hair. “I’m not going to bill you, Zoe,” he said, exasperation coloring his voice. “Will you please come down? I need to talk to you about something.”

I frowned at him. Come to think of it, he didn’t look as self-assured as he had last night. There were dark circles around his eyes, and his hair was messy. He was wearing a faded pair of jeans and a black t-shirt, and he had a pair of battered sneakers on his feet. He looked very un-billionaire this morning.

I seized upon the most obvious explanation for his disarray. “Did Brad do something after I left?” I asked. “I already told you. I don’t control Brad.”

He rolled his eyes. “I can handle Wexley,” he said. “No, I need to talk to you about a personal matter.” His fingers closed over my wrist. “Please?”

It was the please that did it. Ryder Drake was asking for a favor, not barking out orders? I didn’t know him at all, but I still didn’t think this moment happened very often.


“What?” I was aware that my mouth hung open in shock, but I couldn’t bring myself to care. Did I just hear Ryder say he needed to marry me?

“I need you to marry me,” he repeated, a thread of impatience in his voice. “I’ll make it worth your while.”

This had to be some kind of elaborate practical joke, but I failed to see the humor in the situation. “After one kiss?” I quipped, trying to calm my fluttering nerves. My heart galloped in my chest and my head spun. My body was reacting as if I was still balanced at the edge of the roof, looking down. “I’m flattered.”

He laughed at that. A short, reluctant bark of laughter, but a laugh nonetheless. “Indeed,” he noted wryly. “Perhaps I should start at the beginning.”

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About Tara Crescent
Tara Crescent is a writer of steamy romantic fiction. She believes in sassy submissives, firm Dominants, completely consensual relationships and happily-ever-afters! Her favorite kind of romance stories are ones that are somewhat believable.

In her spare time, Tara reads, gardens, cooks, and procrastinates about cleaning. From time to time, Tara blogs about what she's working on (and anything else that she finds interesting) at She lives in Toronto.

She is somewhat active on Facebook and Twitter, especially when the writing is going poorly. You can find her links below!
Hello Tara! Thank you for being here today!

Hi! I’m Tara Crescent. I’m addicted to Doctor Who, I just finished watching Sense 8 on Netflix, and apart from all of that, I’m a writer. And I’m delighted to be here today!

Let's get started!

How long have you been a writer and how did you come to writing?
I’ve started many books, but I published my first novel in October 2014. I’ve been a reader all my life, and I guess writing felt like a natural progression? When I was nine, I wanted to be a journalist, so making a living with words has always been a dream for me.

What are the best and the worst aspects of writing?
I get to make up stuff, put the voices in my head to paper, and bring them to life? What could be better? The down side – it can be solitary, and it takes up a lot of time, particularly if you also work at another job (I work fulltime, and write in the margins.)

What inspires you to write?
Mostly, reading other people’s books. When I see other people’s creativity at work, I’m inspired to create too!

What is the title of your story included in Alpha Fever? How did you come up with this story?
His Temporary Wife is a modern-day marriage of convenience story in which a billionaire who needs a wife in a hurry arranges to marry a woman for six months, for two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Of course, complications occur, and they discover that their arrangement isn’t satisfying either one of them…

I wrote it because I adore marriage of convenience stories. There’s something about people realizing they are in love with each other that completely satisfies the romantic in me. My Kindle is stuffed with them!

What would your friends say is your best quality?
I’m not good at replying to emails, but I show up when it counts.

Are reader reviews important to you?
Yes! I live for reviews, I plead shamelessly for them, I love reviews. Even the bad ones. Like I said before, writing is a solitary task, and I thrive on feedback. Knowing people are reading my books keeps me writing.

Do you have any blogs/websites?

What do you do when you don’t write?
In the summer, I have a vegetable garden that I tend to, and I tend to spend a lot of time outdoors. In the winter, I huddle indoors. Mostly, when not writing, I’m dreaming up my next trip. I love to travel!

Tell us about your other books?
My current series is a MFM menage series called Playing For Love. Betting on Bailey is the first book of the series.

If you could share one thing about yourself that you would like readers to know what would it be?
How grateful I am. This is my third year as a published author. The fact that there are people out there that want to read what I’ve written is the ultimate compliment. Thank you!

Cheers! Happy reading!

Thank you for a fantastic interview Tara! It has been a pleasure!
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