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Guest Author Gina Kincade
Presents The Story
"Cowboy Boots & Handcuff's"
From This Wonderful Book Set!
Released March 19th!!!!
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Alpha Fever: 22 Sizzling Contemporary and Paranormal Romance Stories
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Alpha Fever
22 Sizzling Contemporary and Paranormal Romance Stories
Alpha Fever is filled with a scintillating, spicy blend of ***BRAND NEW*** contemporary and paranormal romance stories written by 24 NY Times, USA Today, and Amazon best selling Authors wrapped up in one amazing boxed set!

The Authors
Elianne Adams – Erzabet Bishop – Muffy Wilson – Rozlyn Sparks –Jacintha Topaz – Elvira Bathory – Tara Crescent – Crystal Dawn – Tricia Owens – D. F. Krieger – A.C. Nixon – Isis Pierce – Abi Aiken – Dawn White – Kiki Howell – Gina Kincade Bethany Shaw – Danielle Gavan – Abby Hayes – Paige Matthews – Tierney O'Malley – Jacqueline Sweet – Angelica Dawson – Tanith Davenport
Jason is Kathryn’s bodyguard, but can he save her from his raging desires?

Cowboy Boots and Handcuffs

Book One in the Majors Creek Ranch Series
Gina Kincade and Kiki Howell
Jason Majors, bodyguard extraordinaire and owner of Majors Creek Ranch, thought he'd dealt with them all before. From the wealthiest models to the daughters of the crime syndicate, his job was to keep them safe. The best in the business, in fact, until now...

Kathryn Caruthers, raised in boarding schools due to her Senator father being re-married to politics, had no one to teach her how to act other than spoiled rich girls and the boarding school employees paid well to cater to her every whim.

Now under the watchful guard of Mr. Majors and his fellow wardens, she's pushing back against life's little changes the only way she knows how.

This entitled female is about to find out what happens when young women misbehave. Will she win over the ever-elusive emotions of Jason Majors, or go home to Daddy and an advantageous marriage?
A small tease from...
Cowboy Boots and Handcuffs
Book One in the Majors Creek Ranch Series
by Gina Kincade and Kiki Howell
A Western BBW Steamy Alpha Male Romance
Only available in the Alpha Fever Boxed Set!

Shock registered as his large, firm hand came down hard on her backside. "Jason! What the hell do you—" Another slap rang out in the otherwise quiet barn and she could hear Jason's breathing getting heavy, faster as he panted out obscenities. Each word was enforced by another crack to her now warming ass.

"You. Will. Not. Put. Yourself. In. Danger."

Kathryn felt a blush of heat infuse her face, trailing down her neck to her chest, just as the high temperature spread out over her bruising bottom and down her thighs, sending a rush of moisture to her core. She felt mortified to be in this position. How dare he treat me like a child! Sputtering and attempting her best to wiggle away from his forceful punishment, Kathryn wasn't sure if she were more disgusted by the fact she was being spanked, or her response to his manhandling and objectification.

Jason raged on, "You. Will. Take. Better. Care. Of. Yourself. Young. Lady."

It was clear to her she'd crossed some line, though she truly didn't understand what, and he didn't seem to be slowing any as her buttocks now began a throbbing, searing burn. Tears sprung to her eyes against her will, and for the first time in forever Kathryn couldn't contain them and had no choice but to let them fall.

She stilled her movements, became docile and prone over his legs, no longer fighting the spanking as tears tracked down her face and dropped into the hay on the floor of the barn. The contrast of emotions running through her at this moment sucked away her very breath. Here she was, lying over the lap of her protector like an errant child, getting her ass tanned six ways from Sunday–honestly the first time she had ever been spanked in her life–and yet she was reacting to it as if he'd stroked her intimately.

Ms. Gina Kincade has been writing erotic paranormal romance books and erotic short stories since she was seventeen years old. Her first and second traditional publications were erotic short stories in a well-respected men's magazine under an alternate pseudonym.

She writes everything from contemporary mainstream romance, to high heat M/F, M/M, Ménage, BDSM, and fetish. Her evil little vampires and were-creatures will rip out your heart without thinking twice and then engage in steamy, explicit sex scenes.

Gina writes under a total of five pseudonyms to-date in other genres, including YA and children's.

A busy mom to three children, she lives in her wild household of two rambunctious dogs, a devoted, loving cat who believes herself to be royalty, and twelve crazy little chickens. She loves healthy home cooking, gardening, warm beaches, fast cars, and horseback riding.

Gina is also the C.E.O of Naughty Nights Press, a quality publisher of erotica, contemporary romance, and paranormal fiction.

Ms. Kincade's life is full, time is never on her side, and she wouldn't change a moment of it!

Hi Gina! Thank you for being here today!

Hi, thank you for having me. Happy to be here!

Let's get started!

How long have you been a writer and how did you come to writing? 
I started writing when I was seventeen, had a couple of pieces published, and then went on to do the college and kid thing for a while. About seven years later I picked up my pen again and I haven't looked back since.

What are the best and the worst aspects of writing?
I love thrilling my readers each time I release a new work. Their excitement is contagious and a big boost to my otherwise dull daily life. The worst aspect...I'd have to say those days when the words just don't flow, or editing. Yeah, editing. I hate it! lol

What inspires you to write?
It's a need. Hard to explain, really, but kinda like breathing. I just have to.

What is the title of your story included in Alpha Fever? How did you come up with this story?
I share my story with my wonderful co-author, Kiki Howell, and the title is Cowboy Boots and Handcuffs. It's book one in a western contemporary bbw series she and I have planned. The story is loosely based on one I had many years ago about a bodyguard, which Jason is, who falls for his charge, in this case Kathryn. We added in the western and bbw bits because it just seemed to feed the tone of where we wanted to go with it, ya know? Making it a full series, well that came up about halfway into writing this story when, as happens often, both Kiki and I were bombarded with additional ideas. The story for this boxed set had a word count, but if it hadn't I'm betting Kiki and I would've ended up with five hundred pages easy. hehe

How did you conduct your research for Cowboy Boots and Handcuffs?
I'll be honest, Kiki did the majority of the research. Mainly around the ranches out in California, where the story is based.

What are 3 of your favorite lines/quotes from Cowboy Boots and Handcuffs?
Hmmm, now that could be tricky...let me see...

1. "I’m not spoiled, just deserving. Daddy says so."

2. "You. Will. Take. Better. Care. Of. Yourself. Young. Lady."

3. Here she was, lying over the lap of her protector like an errant child, getting her ass tanned six ways from Sunday–honestly the first time she had ever been spanked in her life–and yet she was reacting to it as if he'd stroked her intimately.

What would your friends say is your best quality?
I'm a good leader with a big compassionate side...and maybe a pretty bitchy bad side no one really wants to get on. I'm driven, passionate about helping others succeed, and they would probably say I stick my nose in where I shouldn't sometimes. I truly don't mean any harm or to intrude, but it near kills me sometimes to stand idly by and watch when an author may be making a grave mistake in their career. I want to help them all. Sadly, I can't.

Are reader reviews important to you?
Sometimes. I have learned to take them for what they are, an opinion. Everyone has one. No two people will read any given book and *feel* the identical emotions from it, usually, so it makes sense not everything I write is going to perfectly appeal to each reader. I happily welcome useful critique on reviews, and love the smile and warm feeling I get when I see a reader expressing the very strong positive emotions my books were designed to ignite in the reader's mind an heart. It gives me a awesome fuzzy feeling to make another person experience that good about something I wrote. Means I did my job right.

Do you have any blogs/websites?
Well...I am lousy at regular blogging on my own author blog, but it's or maybe you can remember easier and it'll take you there, too. Usually the domain is my website, and used to host a full erotic story board for many years where authors could post and share, but I decided that was no longer an avenue I had time to properly supervise with my busy schedule so I took, Mistress Journals—that's what we called the story board—down and let it die off. There's lots of those types available now, like Literotica, so it's not as big a deal for me to host as it once was.

I've long wanted to redesign it into my personal author webpage again, so I hold on to the hosting but right now the domain is pointing to the blog. I also have which is kinda why I never find time for my own blog much.

What do you do when you don’t write?
I’m a mom of three, all boys, so all the usual family and home stuff, of course. I am pet-a-holic, thanks to my oldest son, now 21, who always used to bring home all the stray or abused cats from the neighborhood to stay with us in their loving furever home. The son grew up and moved out on his own, but we still currently have two dogs, a cat, and chickens. It's a mad house, to be honest. *laughs*

I am also a publisher for a wonderful group of very talented authors, some of them now exclusive to Naughty Nights Press after many successful years together, growing and helping them learn. Learning myself, too, really. As a publisher I like to mentor other authors, those not with a publishing house perhaps, especially in the necessities of marketing and remembering it's a constantly changing thing we as writers always have to adapt to.

Anyway, as I said before, I like to help out on a grand scale so what better way than to host/mentor boxed sets or antholigies each year, right? Okay, yes, I will admit I likely did far more than I should have this year but there were just so many Indie authors I wanted to work with, to help out, so I did more than usual. I'm kinda known for that, though. Taking on more than I should, I mean. oops! *giggles*

Tell us about your other books?
Well, actually, Cowboy Boots and Handcuffs is a bit different for me, as I usually write more paranormal characters or just extremely steamy lgbtq, but it was fun.

I’m in quite a few box sets rights now, most of them as the publisher and co-writing with Kiki.

Next up is Under The Veil and Beyond the Veil, and our inclusion in that one is a second edition of What Lies Within Us, which was originally entirely hers but we re-wrote this year to make even better. She and I are again in another set for Halloween with some fabulous authors...hmmm, of course there's this past Christmas' Boxed Set, Put Your Ho Ho's On, where I have an individual story called On Santa's Naughty List, also published separately now...and I am pretty much trying to re-write all my old publications now that I have the rights back, plus some new ones... Geez, I will never find time for all this, all the crazy ideas I come up with.

In part, that's how I ended up co-writing with Kiki. We both suffer the same intense brain ailment of too much story to write, being overwhelmed by ideas constantly, coupled with that hellish affliction of writer's block on an almost yearly basis. So, for a few years now, when one of us got stuck the other would usually help out and bounce off some of their ideas to nudge the other author into regaining that sense of, 'Oh yeah!' and then we start furiously writing again, the muse once again able to push the demons out of the head. We finally decided our writing styles and ideas are so darn near the same we may as well write some together. In my opinion, I think we do this rather seamlessly, too. Oops, babbling. Sorry. Bad habit.

If you could share one thing about yourself that you would like readers to know, what would it be?
Believe it or not, I truly am the world's biggest introvert. That is all. *laughs*

Anyway, thanks for having me here today. My time is up and I have to run. Always running! Cheers, chica!

Thanks Gina! We had a great time chatting with you today and at the Alpha Fever Release Launch Party ~ Too Hot to Handle on Facebook last night! We really enjoyed listening to you represent Alpha Fever and the authors of the box set on Blog Talk Radio as well. We look forward to a continued relationship with you and all the authors we have met! Thank you again, for the opportunity to learn more about you and what you do!
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Alpha Heat

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  1. What a wonderful insight into the woman and the life that takes up her time, or should I say she whips into line? I can see this tail wags the dog and I can testify form personal experience, Gina has high standards and expectations. 100% plus is non-negotiable. But it is all worth it. She is a brilliant inspiration to others. xo