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A chance encounter...Holding Fast by author Jeanine Binder @rukiapublishing #mystery #suspense #interracial #romance #RPBP

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Holding Fast 
author Jeanine Binder

Holding Fast (A Love and Order Novel)

About The Book
Been there, done that – there wasn’t much that Eli Walker hadn’t experienced as a cop. Even working in one of the better precincts in New York City didn’t help dispel the depravity he saw on a daily basis. It was all part and parcel of his mantra of living life in the now, not worrying about the future.

And especially with women. No strings, no attachments, and he made that perfectly clear before he ever bedded them. Relationships were not on his agenda – not now, not anytime in the near future. Women flocked to him and he could take his pick; himself exiting the encounter with what he’d wanted and leaving them aching for more, left dreaming of his curly locks and bronze body.

A chance encounter pulling a mugger off of a woman changed his whole world. She was blonde and beautiful – Eli didn’t care about any of the interracial politics that would surround any serious relationship. He just knew he had to have Ainsley, like an alcoholic needs his next drink. This was all new territory for Eli and could he stay to the path, all the way to its end? Or would she be like all the others in his life …

About The Author
· Jeanine Binder grew up in a small town in California on the outskirts of Palm Springs, where the Hollywood celebrities liked to vacation. After thirty years, she packed up, moved to Arkansas where she still lives today. Her hobbies include her writing, reading good books, and seeing exotic places (loves to go on cruises). 

Writing has always been a passion and hoping the next twenty years will bring many enjoyable books for others to read.

· Other books (all on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited) – Real Time, Prime Time (Books #1 and #2 of the Time for Love Series); A Fine Line, Arresting Hearts (part of the Love and Order Novels – Holding Fast is a part of this standalone group); Ashes to Sparks
4.0 out of 5 stars
A Love and Order Novel
By Nicolerko on May 1, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition
This is the first book that I've read by Jeanine Binder. Some people may have a tough time warming up to Eli because he's very alpha, but does have some anger issues. For me he worked for this story because even though Ainsley is an independent woman she can use someone like Eli in her corner. Eli has a new girl every night and he doesn't do relationships, but all that changes when he gets a call on a mugging case. Ainsley has a horrible abusive ex and she's hasn't tried dating since, but there is just something about Eli's presence that makes her feel safe. Ainsley and Eli are an interracial couple so you do see the difficult that a real life couple would face, sad as that it is. These two characters work for me because they bring light into each others lives and they care deeply for one another. You really do get to see the ugly side of being a police officer in this one because some of the cases Eli deals with a pretty gruesome. This has the romance with the suspense because someone is stalking Ainsley. It gets pretty intense. One of my favorite things of this book is watching big bad Eli fall for Ainsley. You get to see another side of him he doesn't let out often.Over all a very good read.
5.0 out of 5 stars
This is an outstanding book! a Must read!
By Tina on April 17, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition
I received a free ARC copy in exchange for an honest review.

Prior to reading this book I didn't realize it was part of the 'A Love and Order Novel' series. It is easily a stand alone book. I haven't ready any of the other books in the series and wasn't lost at all when reading this book.

Eli (Elijah) Walker is a NYPD detective. He meets Ainsley Barnett when she is victim of a crime in her father's deli shop. She's running the shop while her father is recovering from an injury. She is actually a full time writer (love that!). Eli shows he might have a little bit of an anger management issue going on when he hits the punk that is beating Ainsley. Truth is because of his childhood he has a really hard time dealing with men that beat up women.

Eli's job is his life, through his work he has seen/dealt with some very ugly situations. He does not do relationships. He is a player. By the author's description of him he is a seriously 'hot' alpha male.

Ainsley comes into the precinct to say Thank you to Eli and to offer both him and his partner, Leon a free tab for life in the deli. She is blond, shy and beautiful.

There is just something about her that pulls at Eli. He is absolutely captivated. Neither Ainsley or Eli have been in a mixed-race relationship before.

Ainsley has an ex-boyfriend that abused her and she is super cautious. Eli does talk her into going out with him and he can sense he needs to move really slow.

We travel along on Eli/Leon's cases and on Ainsley's book tour. The author does a great job in making you feel like your are right there seeing the story unfold.

Ainsley is being stalked and Eli does everything in his power to protect her but she still gets abducted.

I was so afraid for her and cheered so loudly for her when she was so tough and got herself free and was able to call for help.

Kudos to Eli for being strong for Ainsley and stepping back so everything could go by the book with the investigation.

He curbed his Alpha Male and proved just how much she meant to him.

I was surprised by how much ugliness bi-racial relationships still have to deal with in 2016. Good Job to the author for bringing some attention to this very tough topic.

I was into this book so much that I even cried at a wedding that was going on in the book. I, Seriously was into this book. The story line was great, it was 'real'. I felt it was very, very well written.

If I could rate this book higher than 5 stars I would. It earned it! Great job Jeanine Binder! I'm a new follower of yours.
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