Monday, May 2, 2016

Guest Author Jackie Parry~"I will Live Until I'm 100 Years Old!" #blogging #Travel #Adventure #RPBP @NandJJourneys

Guest Author Jackie Parry Visits With...

​I’m not half way there yet – almost but not quite!

I’m proud (and a tiny bit disbelieving) with what I’ve achieved and experienced in my life already. But there’s so much more I want to do. I won’t fit it all in, but I’ll have a good go at it.

Believing that I’ve not yet lived half my life fills me with such motivation and joy.

​“This Is Not Where I Wanted To Be!”
I’ve heard this phrase a few times recently. Sadly, from people who have great lives with lovely-happy-healthy children, a great job, a roof over their head, a career.

Why do so many people focus on the negatives in their lives instead of the positives?

It’s a phenomenon that I find quite despairing.

We don’t know how lucky we are!

​Living in Belgium this winter and reading the local history, I am humbled and doubly grateful for the easy times I live in and what I have.

​I am fortunate to be healthy, I am not fighting a war, I have enough money to feed and clothe myself, I have family and friends – I have a good life.

Our Next Plans
I mentioned on another blog that we had some big news/changes to our life coming up.

Well, we’re selling our boat and heading home to Australia. The reasons are numerous and complex.

It all came about while we were toying with buying a sailboat to sail home (this still hasn’t been totally dismissed!), and then I received an email.

“The boys (my horses) are fine, but I am so busy I am not spending as much time as I’d like with them, they are becoming a bit silly – would you like them back?”


​Sudden decision
A few people we’ve chatted to about our plans said, ‘oh, that’s sudden!’

But it’s not. We’ve been chatting about swapping our barge for a sailboat for about a year… the note about my boys just sealed the deal of heading back to Australia.

Here’s the ad for our barge – take a look around - I’d love plenty of shares. Fortunately, we don’t need to rush and we'd like to see more of Europe. The horses are happy and cared for until we return.

Our boat has just undergone a two-year renovation/refit/update – someone is going to get a wonderful boat that’s ready to go (and very fairly priced).

Dare you follow your dreams as we do?

​See what else we get up to here.

Keep Coming Back and Visiting With Us! Jackie Parry Will Be Here Again Soon! Who Knows What She Will Have For Us Next!
Adventure Away, Jackie!

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